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  • Posted to Bootstrap Studio v2.5, in reply to Colin Devroe , Dec 23, 2016

    There is a big market to freelancers for pay-once editors like this that can produce a website for a client in very little time. e.g. Making a website for a client's restaurant in a couple days. Host on AWS S3, with Cloudflare SSL for <$3/mo, and good to go. Beats other services like SquareSpace that cost more monthly and you have to use their hosting.

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  • Posted to Bootstrap Studio v2.5, Dec 23, 2016

    I must say, I'm usually not that impressed with WYSIWYG editors -- especially in-browser/Electron ones, but that Chrome demo was simply stunning. I quickly went through a bunch of features, and even the built-in Sublime Text-like editor impressed me, especially with regex search/replace and other Sublime-like hotkeys.

    One of the coolest web editors I've seen. Great work! The pricing model is attractive too as most other competitors in this space are subscription based.

    I'm quite happy with BlocsApp but I'll have to experiment with this over the Christmas break.

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  • Posted to 50 Shades of #F5F5F5: A moderately inappropriate look at stupid things designers do, in reply to Adam Kiss , Nov 04, 2016

    What a useless comment.

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  • Posted to Which Macbook Pro did you order, and why?, in reply to Spencer J , Oct 28, 2016

    Is Kaby Lake expected to be a major upgrade over the current? I have lost track of where CPUs are at right now. Would Apple increase the price of their offerings if they switch to Kaby Lake?

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  • Posted to Microsoft Surface Studio, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Oct 26, 2016

    I don't think professional designers really care, as long as it has their program (CAD, Photoshop, etc.) supported.

    Unix people (developers, etc.) might care, but this computer isn't really for them.

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  • Posted to Microsoft Surface Studio, in reply to Wesley Haines , Oct 26, 2016

    $3k isn't just enterprise, I see start ups and professional designers affording this.

    But yes, this PC, based on their marketing, is for professionals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMklcdzcNcU

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  • Posted to Site Design: Material Design's new site, Oct 26, 2016

    The shapes and colors reminds me of 70s/80s graphic design.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Ora.pm - your team's new workspace, in reply to Giulio Michelon , Aug 11, 2016

    Personally, I was wondering about the lumberjack.

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  • Posted to Show DN: How Much to Make — Easily Calculate the Cost of an App, Website, or Logo, in reply to Mikael Cho , Aug 11, 2016

    Doesn't location have significance in your data set? A freelancer/agency in San Francisco is probably going to have higher costs. What location is this tool assuming?

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  • Posted to GIF Dance Party, Nov 05, 2015

    Nice. http://j.mp/1MC8x11

    I couldn't get custom backgrounds to work though. Tried a 100KB PNG and it told me I had no image selected.

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