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Ben Krogh

Portland, OR Sr. UX Designer at eBay Joined about 4 years ago

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  • Posted to We built a calculator to find your ideal & break-even hourly rate, Aug 28, 2018

    When you do ship V2, show a total and then do some dramatic reveal where money gets taken away by the tax man. Haha

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  • Posted to Principle 4 Beta, Aug 21, 2018

    I love Principle so much. Glad to see the updates are still coming. I know folks want some prototyping tools that are more code based, ala Framer, but Principle is so stinking fast for designers. Just last week I mocked up a few interactions with Principle and sent the developer the values I was using. He implemented it right away and said the ease-in-out values were exactly what he needed. Turns out you don't NEED a tool to spit out code for you, fancy that.

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  • Posted to TEAM site design, in reply to Josh Sanders , Jun 03, 2018

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  • Posted to Canva's delightful upgrade flow, Apr 28, 2018

    The main problem with this is collecting the stars takes the user's attention away from the product and turns it into a focus on the game. So in the very first impression of your product, the users aren't taking in your product, they're looking for stars. Seems like a very narrow focus of their attention that will lead to missed context.

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  • Posted to Blloc—A minimalist, focused smartphone, Apr 25, 2018

    Wow, this is gorgeous.

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  • Posted to Solis — real time, multi viewport previewing of HTML, CSS, SCSS and LESS, Apr 18, 2018

    Isn't this what Coda does? From Panic software? Keep in mind I'm a very casual developer, I might just be ignorant of the technicalities. Is it special because of the multiple previews at once?

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  • Posted to It's ok to quit, right?, Apr 11, 2018

    Honestly, I think the best advice I could give you is keep trying. Being discouraged and confused at the start of your career is totally normal, and it's tough to get your first job when someone basically needs to take a chance on you and give you a shot.

    I'd already been in the industry almost three years when I moved to Portland, and I was job hunting for 2 and a half months before getting a contract position. I sent over 90 emails and had 12 meetings. The final conversation that happened to land me the contract job was actually not even with the company I got hired at. It was an agency that heard my pitch and said "Actually, we're not hiring but we know someone who is." Right before that meeting I had told my wife "What's the point? It's not even technically an interview, why should I go?" I'm glad I went. Now I have 10 years of industry experience and I have a great job.

    Trust me, pushing through what you're feeling right now is going to pay dividends. It also is teaching you a ton of valuable lessons along the way!

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  • Posted to What would Path be like if it was built knowing what we know today?, in reply to Josh Rio , Mar 23, 2018

    Agreed, I also love how founders have the money and privilege to start something, have it fail, and then raise money to do it again. Remember SVPPLY? Same story.

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  • Posted to Sketch adds prototyping in version 49, Feb 28, 2018

    In light of the competition and prototyping landscape, this was a no-brainer for Bohemian Coding. It also makes me super happy, I've been using Sketch since 2013 back when 2.0 first launched, and it's deeply embedded my my process.

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  • Posted to Julien Renvoye - Art Director, Feb 08, 2018

    Whoa. Super rad stuff. Not keen on the scrolling but the work is fantastic!

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