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  • Posted to Take a break! — Sabbatical leave, in reply to Jim Silverman , Apr 21, 2017

    Flippin' reeks of privilege.

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  • Posted to Full Stack Designer, a real thing?, Apr 21, 2017

    It's just another term for design generalist rather than a specialist. It can be useful to communicate this difference in some situations. But it does sound a little stupid.

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  • Posted to Site design:, Apr 02, 2017

    Some feedback from me.

    Did you even do any market validation on this one dude. I'm just not sure I understand what problem this product is solving.

    Sure it's pretty and all, beautiful fonts and colours but do people really need more poop bike based content?

    I blame dribbble.

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  • Posted to A Rant Against Pretty Designs, Mar 18, 2017

    What I got from this: 'I've just discovered UX design and now I'm going to shit on visual designers because I'm more important than them"

    A stupid point delivered in an arrogant style.

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  • Posted to I’m building a Mac app for pixel pushing on any live website, in reply to Degif G , Mar 17, 2017

    totally, yes I agree.

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  • Posted to I’m building a Mac app for pixel pushing on any live website, Mar 17, 2017

    As you may know Safari already has a visual editor for CSS tweaking:

    Safari CSS visual editor

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  • Posted to Kill your phone addiction - great advice, Mar 16, 2017

    I've been doing this sort of thing. I'd like to add the following:

    On iOS, use restrictions settings to disable Safari. And don't commit the password to your memory, just write it down somewhere.

    Or get a dumb phone to use occasionally, I bought one from Amazon for $30 that just has calls and SMS. It's amazing how much more head space you can get from not being connected all the time.

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  • Posted to Design Sprints Are Snake Oil, in reply to John Flynn , Mar 14, 2017

    I think that was what Matthew was saying. That the title should have been: "Design sprints are not a silver bullet".

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  • Posted to On the Current State of Design Systems in UX, Mar 14, 2017

    This is a fantastic post, very interesting to hear about the downsides to adopting design systems too early on.

    Especially good point about how we often overstate the value of consistency.

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  • Posted to A site for bullshitfree design articles, Mar 10, 2017

    Problem is, everyone has an agenda, everyone is promoting something, it's just a sliding scale. So as you say, choosing where the 'bullshit' threshold is would be hard.

    How about someone just builds a browser plugin so we can filter content marketing articles out of DN?

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