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  • Posted to Introducing LandingStock: A collection of free images for your landing page, Mar 19, 2019

    Thank for sharing this. A bit of feedback from me:

    "Must be clean and minimalistic"

    Clean and minimalistic are stylistic choices that might not always apply to every brief, all the other other criteria make sense to me, but this one is possibly too prescriptive.

    Also "Can't be Cheesy"

    One man's cheese is another man's authenticity, I would avoid using most of the photos you have here on the basis that they are a bit too cheesy.

    apologies if that is harsh feedback, but I hope it is helpful.

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  • Posted to This Person Does Not Exist, Feb 14, 2019
    1. This is way cool

    2. I’m totally using these images for Personas and fake profile photos.

    Seriously though what’s the deal with the legality of using photos of the faces of people that don’t exist in your work? interesting.

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  • Posted to Design Systems, Sprint Weeks and other UX Snake Oils, Feb 04, 2019

    This is a beautiful piece of writing, love it. More realism please.

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  • Posted to Design Systems, Sprint Weeks and other UX Snake Oils, in reply to Steven Cavins , Feb 04, 2019

    Xtreme design we call it. Didn’t realise it was a thing beyond my small team. It rules.

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  • Posted to 10 Qualities of Highly Effective Designers, Jan 24, 2019

    On a serious side though, I thought you last article was really good, so I should probably get around to subscribing to medium already.

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  • Posted to 10 Qualities of Highly Effective Designers, Jan 24, 2019

    I consider myself a highly effective designer, here's a quality of mine, that you may want to add to your list:

    I read a lot. Medium likes that.

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  • Posted to Breakpoints in Sketch, Jan 17, 2019

    Wow looks great, will give it a try

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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, in reply to Shane McCleery , Jan 16, 2019

    This is meme worthy, I’m gonna use this in every design clique from now on.

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  • Posted to Best web app for doing remote user testing?, Jan 15, 2019

    I've only had experience with to do unmoderated remote testing, and it was pretty good, the platform worked well, creating tests is intuitive and the pool of participants provided very useful and honest feedback.

    They say it can be used for moderated tests and in depth interviews along with a number of other methods, but haven't had a chance to try it.

    the only downside for us was that beyond the trial it was too expensive for our needs, £60,000 per year if I remember correctly.

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  • Posted to Design / UX: Specialists vs Generalists — What’s Better? Here's the Truth, Jan 10, 2019

    I haven't got a clear argument that I can communicate but I'm against the idea that all generalists should aspire to become specialists eventually.

    I feel like a really experienced generalist can be an amazing team member who can be 'the glue' between the other disciplines on the team, learning to do what is necessary rather than just sticking to what they have chosen to focus on.

    As a designer of 12+ years, I honestly think I'll always be a generalist and I'm ok with that. My work may go hidden and I may not push the industry forward by writing and speaking, but I may be able to do it by quietly creating great products and services.

    Or maybe I'm just afraid of pushing myself.

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