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  • Posted to A Rant Against Pretty Designs, Mar 18, 2017

    What I got from this: 'I've just discovered UX design and now I'm going to shit on visual designers because I'm more important than them"

    A stupid point delivered in an arrogant style.

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  • Posted to I’m building a Mac app for pixel pushing on any live website, in reply to Degif G , Mar 17, 2017

    totally, yes I agree.

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  • Posted to I’m building a Mac app for pixel pushing on any live website, Mar 17, 2017

    As you may know Safari already has a visual editor for CSS tweaking:

    Safari CSS visual editor

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  • Posted to Kill your phone addiction - great advice, Mar 16, 2017

    I've been doing this sort of thing. I'd like to add the following:

    On iOS, use restrictions settings to disable Safari. And don't commit the password to your memory, just write it down somewhere.

    Or get a dumb phone to use occasionally, I bought one from Amazon for $30 that just has calls and SMS. It's amazing how much more head space you can get from not being connected all the time.

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  • Posted to Design Sprints Are Snake Oil, in reply to John Flynn , Mar 14, 2017

    I think that was what Matthew was saying. That the title should have been: "Design sprints are not a silver bullet".

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  • Posted to On the Current State of Design Systems in UX, Mar 14, 2017

    This is a fantastic post, very interesting to hear about the downsides to adopting design systems too early on.

    Especially good point about how we often overstate the value of consistency.

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  • Posted to A site for bullshitfree design articles, Mar 10, 2017

    Problem is, everyone has an agenda, everyone is promoting something, it's just a sliding scale. So as you say, choosing where the 'bullshit' threshold is would be hard.

    How about someone just builds a browser plugin so we can filter content marketing articles out of DN?

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  • Posted to Designers weigh in: Did Snapchat succeed because of its controversial UI?, in reply to Andrei S. , Mar 10, 2017

    spot on

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  • Posted to "UX! We've got UX! Get your UX here!", Mar 07, 2017

    Npm install ux

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  • Posted to Should UI Designers do UX?, Feb 28, 2017

    Interesting post, thanks.

    And I find it confusing that at the beginning of the article it seems like you are saying that combing the two different disciplines is a bad thing.

    And then in your team structure you are suggesting the designer is responsible for both UI and UX.

    And It does comes across like you're suggesting this team structure is a one size fits all solution. I've worked in lager design teams and there are many different configurations depending on the type of product/service being built.

    Also there are many many smaller companies out there that can't afford to hire 4 people for a UX team. So generalist UX/UI designers can be of real value to them.

    Not everyone is naturally a specialist and I don't think it's unreasonable in 2017, for a single person to understand how to conduct user research, create personas, talk business strategy and also product high fidelity UI mockups. Just like there are many designers out there who also produce production code.

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