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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Derryl Onyo , Dec 02, 2015

    Haha, cheers Derryl.

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Leslie Camacho , Dec 01, 2015

    Well said, Leslie. I'd certainly love to spend a day with one of those 7-figure systems!

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Hmphry x , Dec 01, 2015

    Yeah, I definitely hear you on some of these points. I'd recommend posting any thoughts and ideas you have over at if you haven't already, P&T are very open to hearing what the community thinks about how things could work better.

    The backend customization is non-existent.

    Ah, so Safecracker-equivilant type stuff, you mean? As opposed to customising the actual Control Panel?

    craft is sort of slow

    This comment seems to be popping up a bit as of late. While obviously not an option for everyone, upgrading to PHP7 makes a world of difference. Rockin' the {% cache %} tag as much as possible helps a lot too. Craft 3 will be crazy fast, but that won't be released for a while.

    Also, shout out to the super table and formerly plugins!

    Amen to that!

    Are you guys using EE3 already? If so, how's your experience been with that so far?

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Hmphry x , Dec 01, 2015

    Hey Hmphry! I'm genuinely interested about the limitations you're experiencing with Craft. Could you expand on that a little?

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Zach Reed , Dec 01, 2015

    At the end of the day it really comes down to the requirements of a project. WordPress is fundamentally blogging software. It can be used for full-fledged sites, but multiple third-party plugins are usually required to achieve this. That's not ideal. Craft makes no assumptions about your content, so you can pretty much build whatever the hell you want right out of the box.

    I get genuinely excited about developing with Craft, and clients love using it to manage their content, which means they actually do manage their content. That's huge.

    Here are a couple of places to start reading about the differences between Craft and Wordpress:

    Craft does have a free Personal license, but that's only to be used for "personal sites built by and for the developer." I'm not familiar with Cockpit, but it looks interesting! Obviously there's a multitude of other options too, but once again, it's all about choosing the right tool for the job.

    Oh, and one last thing.. the support. My god, the support. Brandon, Brad and the rest of the team at Pixel & Tonic know a thing or two about making their customers happy.

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