Tom Griffin

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Who wants to be hired? (June 2015), Jun 05, 2015

    Location: New Jersey

    Remote: Yes

    Relocate: No

    Skills: Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, Information Architecture, Innovation Management, Data Visualizations, Ideation, Requirements Gathering and Documentation

    Background: Most recently held the position of Director of Innovation for IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Ran the company's skunkworks program. Career progression is a blend of business analysis, enterprise architecture, user experience design, and innovation/r&d management. Often cast as a utility player.

    Looking For: Full-time and freelance assignments focused on product design, prototype development, UX, and experimentation with emerging tech.


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  • Posted to Ask DN: What does your CV look like?, Jun 02, 2015

    Here's mine:

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Who wants to be hired? (Nov 2014), Nov 10, 2014

    Location: Greater New York Area

    Remote: Yes

    Willing to relocate: Yes



    My passion is in building great products that people love.

    I am constantly questioning the world around me, asking why things are the way they are, and seeking new ways of delivering great user experiences and sustained business growth.

    Most of my work focuses on new, bold, breakthrough innovations that could fundamentally transform the path of a product or even an entire company. Other times I am immersed in quiet, simple ideas - ones that are so small they may have otherwise been missed had it not been for insight and curiosity.

    I have over fifteen years of hands-on experience in driving design-driven innovation, delivery of large-scale technology initiatives, and identification of new opportunities for growth and sustainable value. I have been regarded as a thought leader in enterprise technology, product innovation, problem solving, and design thinking.

    My key strengths include:

    ♦ identifying transformation opportunities in business architecture and technical capability

    ♦ developing and leveraging emerging technologies

    ♦ evangelizing enterprise-wide change

    ♦ creating corporate innovation processes and incubation programs

    ♦ aligning technology teams, business capabilities, and solution development

    ♦ innovative resourcing/staffing strategies

    I am looking for opportunities that leverage my passion for building great products and services, value a hands-on approach to design and use of emerging technology, and build upon my success in helping teams embrace and foster innovation and creativity.

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