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    So it's been over 2 years since the last redesign of my website and I've had the privilege to have worked on some cool projects over that period. I figured it was time for the next iteration in the cycle.


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    Thanks for the tip!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Wunderlist gave in to the flat design. Does that mean we've accepted flat design as the new reality and not just a trend?, Aug 31, 2015

    Our industry evolves over time. As we become more familiar with technology and it becoming more integrated into our lives, the interfaces we are confronted with will have to change.

    Your right to say Wunderlist never make design decisions solely based on current trends. The decisions we make try to solve problems. The problems we are facing now are more centred around speed, accessibility and future proofing.


    Pen and paper are out biggest competitor because it so fast to grab a piece of paper to jot down ideas. We want to make Wunderlist as fast as possible. The new design allows us to render your to-do faster by removing the need to draw heavy and transparent elements on the web which slow things down. We're also able to develop faster, bringing updates and improvements to our users at speed.


    At Wunderlist our goal is to help as many people get stuff done. The new design allows us to improve our accessibility across the board. Wunderlist is now better for RTL languages, visually and psychically impaired people. Users now have the ability to choose the font size by zooming in. This wasn't possible previously.

    Future Proof

    We constantly thinking about the future of Wunderlist and now we can really, truly help people get stuff done. The redesign is paving the way for some really awesome features that are currently in the works. As we share more about this, things will continue to become clearer.

    Flat design, skeuomorphism aren't trends, they're design tools we can use to try and solve problems. Sometimes elements have to be more "real" to help people better understand your product. Sometimes we can strip everything away and really put the focus on content. The real question we should ask ourselves is when is the right time to use each one.


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    I think in most cases our brain has two priority modes. Important and not important which changes depending on various reasons (stress level, time, tiredness etc.).

    This is why in my honest opinion having one priority level which you can easier add and removed depending on the situation you are in works best.

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    I've been writing in Google Docs for one reason, it allows me to share it with people and get some feedback before posting.

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    Kirby: http://getkirby.com

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    Thanks Cat, you have a really great point about game design. It's hard to find the problem they solve, if any. I think there is always space for enjoyment in life, things that solely bring joy and happiness.

    I'd class myself as a gamer. I love games, I peruse the app store almost daily for the latest. I think games can and often do add value to us. They tell beautiful and larger than life stories, they challenge us mentally and also connect us to people you would otherwise have no contact with.

    People do find meaning in very different things but I think collectively we want to see each other become the best we can be. This means if a game designer gets to grow (as a person) as a result of designing games I think thats good enough reason for games to exist.

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