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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, in reply to Cameron Getty , Jan 16, 2019

    I see it relating more conceptually now - communication (the speech bubbles) and things/work/whatever coming together from different areas. If you squint real hard it can also look like a tightly drawn hashmark, but ends up having the plus sign silhouette.

    The "authenticity" of the original mark is missing, but maybe now that they've captured that initial market segment they're looking to appear more professional to a new one.

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  • Posted to Winamp Skins, Dec 04, 2018

    Not gonna lie - I toyed with that Half-life skin back in the day. It could animate open and close as well.

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  • Posted to New Squarespace Branding, in reply to Jason Festa , Dec 04, 2018

    Yep DIA posted about the work on social yesterday.

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  • Posted to Humaaans. A library to mix-and-match illustrations of people, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Dec 04, 2018

    Haha maybe someone should design a FW18 collection for these folks.

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  • Posted to Humaaans. A library to mix-and-match illustrations of people, Dec 03, 2018

    Filling clothes and other elements with patterns, textures, and even photos is a quick way to give these characters a little more depth and individuality. Stand out from the crowd!

    Humaaans pattern example

    Direct link

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  • Posted to What rucksack / bag do you use?, in reply to Riley C , Oct 16, 2018

    Agreed on the Isar and have had it for 3 years as well. Plus it's a little heavier due to the thicker construction. The only other issue I have is the shoulder straps don't stay taut so I have to pull them while wearing it every so often.

    Despite that, I love the bag and don't plan on replacing it anytime soon. They seem to be favoring the laptop pocket zip to be placed outside the shoulder straps in newer models; I bought the gray melange because it was more protected under them.

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  • Posted to A guide to rhythm in web typography, Oct 16, 2018

    Interesting section on hanging punctuation. What would your recommendation be for lists on mobile portrait, since typically there is much less margin to use? Would you switch back to the "normal" state inside the main block?

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  • Posted to Fluent Design System by Microsoft, May 12, 2017

    A bit more info on the new UI & prototyping kits

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best flag design?, Apr 07, 2017

    Amsterdam's flag is awesome: Amseterdam flag

    Japan's flags are wonderfully simple and bold.

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  • Posted to Ghost in the Shell VFX Reel, Apr 05, 2017

    The work on the franchise logo respects older anime titles so well. Almost a bummer they moved away from the serif type.

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