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  • Posted to illustrio 2.0, in reply to Drew Albinson , Nov 30, 2016

    Hello Drew,

    We did learn a lot and maybe we should write a post to explain the many decisions and challenges we faced. To make it short: data ! Our users download more icons and they want them to be consistent with their brand.

    But don't think we forgot about interactivity

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  • Posted to illustrio 2.0, in reply to Matthew Ström , Nov 30, 2016

    Hello Matthew,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have a few ideas to make it even more easy to understand the "Smart" library. A few words about the pricing:

    • we do have free icons (they are marked as free) you just need to sign up to download them;

    • we do have 2 packs: $10 for 20 icons, $20 for 50 icons;

    • we have way more coming that will give more value to the subscription. Stay tuned

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  • Posted to illustrio 2.0, Nov 30, 2016

    Hey there!

    Our team has done an amazing job for the last 4 months, building from the ground up this new version of illustrio. More icons, more customization options and instagram-like filters. We are really excited about this release. Your feedback and support on ProductHunt are much appreciated.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Graphics for Olympics, Aug 04, 2016

    Hi there!

    We just introduced Graphics for Olympics, a customizable icons set made for the Olympics by Roundicons.com. We can’t wait to see how people are going to use those icons! Sign up now to get 10 free downloads.

    PS: we are also on Product Hunt !

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  • Posted to Show DN: Forest, the admin interface your application deserves, in reply to Gavin Jones , Jul 07, 2016

    Hey Gavin,

    You're referring to the Pro plan which actually covers multi-projects so it is not limited in that regard. Moreover, Forest provides much more than a simple admin theme: it plugs into your third-party providers (Stripe, Intercom, etc.) to retrieve and action the data, it gives you insight into your business operations in the dashboard and lets your team be more efficient with your CRUD and custom actions directly implemented by our connectors. Considering the cost linked to the continuous development of your admin, as well as the time it frees for both the devs and the admins, we're thinking it is a pretty fair price.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Forest, the admin interface your application deserves, in reply to Andy Merskin , Jul 07, 2016

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the kind words and apologies for the late answer, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. We'll definitely be implementing a tour of the live demo, it's on our to-do list :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: eFounders Hacker Program, Jun 23, 2016

    Hi everyone,

    I’m from the eFounders team and i’m super happy to share this fun side project with you. We’ve been working on a special terminal integrated into our website to arouse devs

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  • Posted to Show DN: Forest, the admin interface your application deserves, Jun 07, 2016

    After a crazy month of launches, let me introduce you to the latest addition to the eFounders family, Forest. Of course it’s a bit special to me since I’m sharing my name with this awesome project, but it’s more than that. We’re incredibly excited by what we’ve built so far and what’s coming next. Let me know if you want an early access.

    And as usual, we're on ProductHunt if you want to spread the love!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Spendesk, manage all your company spending, May 31, 2016

    Hello DN,

    It's our third product launch in a month at eFounders and we're really proud to launch this one: Spendesk is a tool for company to manage their corporate spending. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want an access and if you like, show us your support on ProductHunt !

    See you next week for our next launch

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  • Posted to Show DN: illustrio — Infinitely customizable graphics for everyone, May 23, 2016

    Hi everyone,

    I’m from the eFounders team and we just launched a new startup called illustrio! The app allows anyone to get the right graphical elements for their slides, newsletters, blog posts or any content! You can customize any graphic in a couple of clicks using the intuitive tool we've built. Apply your logo colors to the entire library and adapt parameters like text and numbers. Easy to use and fully customizable!

    Please tell us what you think so we can keep improving!

    PS: we're on ProductHunt in case you want to support us.

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