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  • Posted to App to hide Mac menu icons, in reply to Tony Gines , May 16, 2017

    Love Bartender! The main reason I needed to make Vanilla was because my other app Rocket had a lot of people asking to hide its menu bar icon, but I felt weird asking people to install a $15 app when Rocket was free. Definitely recommend Bartender for those who need more power

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  • Posted to App to hide Mac menu icons, in reply to Teri Gosse , May 16, 2017

    [Creator of Vanilla here, just got linked to this thread…]

    Thanks for trying out the app! The 1.0 was super buggy on multiple monitors, the current version improves things a lot, but definitely isn't perfect. You can do a Check for Updates via the menu bar icon.

    The next version (currently in beta testing, hoping to make available to everyone in the next few days) should make everything even smoother too

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