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  • Posted to Mailchimp Brand Refresh!, Sep 28, 2018

    Mailchimp is presumably still in the business of offering an email marketing and automation platform.

    Though, my business spidey senses tell me they are rebranding and attempting to reposition as the email marketing automation space gets more crowded and consumer behavior further shifts away from email.

    That’s ok, but the brand, product, positioning and messaging seem extremely confused and requires deep investigation to get the point.

    Are they trying to encroach on Intercom’s turf, Hubspot’s? Are they seeing competition from players like ConvertKit and attempting to differentiate?

    It all seems confused and like a mid-life crisis.

    They should clearly state their objectives on the homepage.

    If one were a cold visitor to this homepage, upon encountering the overwhelming brand and visual language, and the extremely vague and general messaging - it would be very difficult to grasp who they are and what they do.

    In fact, in this case - the brand, i.e., visual identity just get in the way and impose too many cognitive demands on the visitor.

    The Mad, Spy vs. Spy illustrations are technically and visually interesting, but they do little in the way of fostering further understanding of who they are and what they do in the presence of the overwhelming message vagary that is breaking out everywhere.

    The technical attributes of the brand and visual identity are polished and professional. The aggressive yellow color story in contrast with Cooper is nice. The graphical purity of Freddy refreshed is well done. Even the primary CTA with the paradise deep green works. Personally, I’m not a fan of the logo typeface. It feels more appropriate for a child’s toy than a business tool and sets an unpleasant visual argument with Freddy. Especially the bowl of the “a” - which is illegible. Further exacerbating the illegibility of the logo typeface is the tight kerning.

    All the best to Mailchimp, I’ve always been a big fan.

    It’s just really unclear to me who you are and what you are trying to do as a business.

    Finally, if the target audience is small businesses - I fail to see how this will connect with that audience.

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  • Posted to Which one is best for UI Designers? Trackpad & Mouse & Touchpad?, Sep 17, 2018

    For myself and my work style - I’m very heavily reliant on the keyboard and shortcuts, thus I find the keyboard is the most essential peripheral accessory.

    I use the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard:

    In fact, in Sketch I don’t have any icons exposed at all and execute most things through Sketch Runner.

    I DO use both the Magic Mouse and Trackpad, which I find as critical.

    In the design process (Sketch), the MM and TP are mostly for zooming and selection and the gestures are critical to my workflow.

    Their lack of ergonomics I don’t find that troubling TBH - but, Apple keyboards...

    That’s another story.

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  • Posted to New Logos and Identities for John Lewis Partnership by Pentagram – Brand New, Sep 15, 2018

    I thought this was for a law firm at first.

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  • Posted to Uber rebrand, Sep 15, 2018

    There is one caveat to notice in the Uber rebrand.

    They’re calling this:

    Rebrand 2018

    That is telling.

    In 2016, Uber had a “radical rebrand” where ousted founder/ CEO Travis Kalanick spent the previous 2.5 years leading/ meddling with their design team to create all these colors based on country, hexagonal and circular patterns depending on riders and drivers, etc.,

    And, one purpose - “shedding Uber’s elitist” image as they battled regulators.

    It was a mangled mess of overlapping visual languages.

    The “2018 Rebrand” - seems more like an outright purge of the ghosts of Travis and is a complete contrast to the previous mangled mess of a brand.

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  • Posted to CleanMyMac X Has Pretty and Inspiring Redesign, Sep 09, 2018

    I have a been using CleanMyMac3 for years now. It's a nice and useful app.

    The redesign is really overstated, but no reason to hate on a company trying to push out decent, useful software for such mundane tasks.

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  • Posted to Advanced prototyping is now within reach, thanks to Framer X, Aug 16, 2018

    I'm excited, yes. Yet, I'm losing interest with the hyperbole and water torture launch strategy.

    Please, launch already.

    This is getting old.

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  • Posted to Is this spec work?, Aug 07, 2018

    This is not spec work.

    It is a convoluted hiring process - I can't imagine why any designer with basic skills would submit to that kind of nonsense unless they're desperate.

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  • Posted to What happens when you let computers optimize floor plans, Jul 31, 2018

    This is awesome. We recently did a new office, which uses an unconventional "optimized" layout. It has been a much more pleasant working environment.

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  • Posted to Can everyone be a designer?, Jun 24, 2018

    Just because someone can hold a knife doesn't make them a brain surgeon.

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  • Posted to Introducing the first book on design operations: DesignOps Handbook, Jun 13, 2018

    The content appears to be forward thinking and really useful. Putting in a second request here for a way to download it. This is not a pleasant way to consume long-form content of this nature and put it into action.

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