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  • Posted to Lock Account After 4 Failed Tries. Good UX or Bad UX?, May 15, 2020

    I'm not sure "good or bad ux" is the right way to frame it. This is a security issue first and foremost.

    I think it's more about locking the account after 4 failed tries, and is this a good and effective security practice?

    And if so, what industries and applications should embrace this approach, are there any possible affordances, and in what industries and applications is this overkill?

    And, if not, what is a better or smarter approach for user authentication that is secure, more tolerant of user mistakes, and user friendly?

    Further, it might depend on the platform. So, for example, there may be authentication methods that are better suited for mobile, which aren't possible on web and vice versa.

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  • Posted to The Third Generation of Interfaces, Nov 26, 2019

    Thanks for putting this out. A main bit of feedback on the content, which might help.


    It's important to me to have more information about the author. What is your background? What informed this point of view? etc., etc., Is this even your work or thesis?

    Agreed with others, the formatting is brutal. My initial reflex is that it was very Dropbox with poor formatting.

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  • Posted to Facebook new brand identity, Nov 05, 2019

    Reminds me of when Uber began to facedown regulators and town halls, and went through a re-brand to become "more human".

    Facebook must be putting on its game-face for regulators, and attempting to draft some halo-effect from Instagram for the Facebook brand.

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  • Posted to Any thoughts on UI & UX of a Password Generator App? Made by freshman designer, Nov 03, 2019

    Nice work and nice effort. The UX/ UI is - and should be - fairly straightforward. However, the main thing for me is that passwords are an extremely sensitive matter.

    There is nothing here that commands trust, which is essential for me as a user to perform this type of task through a web application.

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  • Posted to Hacker News client inspired by Designer News, Jun 11, 2019

    Love it and prefer it to HN. Only item - I wish there was a dark mode.

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  • Posted to Request DN: Designer News Dark Mode Toggle, May 10, 2019

    I use Dark Mode on DN now with Stylish. It's not too bad:

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  • Posted to I built a physical Sketch panel, would love to know what you think, Feb 24, 2019

    This is a great write up. Thanks for sharing.

    I also embarked upon a similar path using a Midi-Controller and the BetterTypeTool. I tried it for awhile, but ultimately, the heuristics of using the controller didn't make sense for me. It was easier to simply execute these commands in Runner than to lift my hands off the keyboard and try and make sure I hit the right pre-loaded button.

    I do think the hardware inputs for the design process are still in the dark ages. A mere keyboard and mouse seems primitive. I wish there were more hardware inputs akin to music production. I've seen some attempts, but they look cheap, flimsy and clunky.

    I want:

    • Motorized dials and sliders - "tuning in and out opacity" of objects.
    • Smart mouse pad - I'm addicted to the gestures on the magic mouse for design in Sketch. I'd like a "Smart Mouse Pad" touch pad - in the front of the mouse pad surface area that's respsonsive in the same way - with critical controls built in.
    • A heads up properties display that is entirely out of the workspace all together.
    • Dials and writing inputs similar to the Surface Pro on a separate peripheral.

    Unfortunately, the hardware market, risk and demand for such a product probably doesn't align for the effort involved.

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  • Posted to How are your product/scrum teams organized?, Dec 01, 2018

    One thing - it depends on the size and stage of the product and company with regards to what structure is most effective. In the earlier stages, a looser, more ad-hoc structure may make more sense to achieve product-market fit. If the organization gets product-market fit and intends to scale, it’s likely a scale or fail moment that demands more structure will present itself.

    We are a crypto-exchange and fintech company who are evolving into a more mature product-centric organizational structure with familiar startup roots.

    We have business analysts who support product managers who form product requirements, business requirements and user requirements, which in turn inform and nurture the process for our product designers.

    These sources of truth (requirements + design deliverables) inform technical requirements, which our product and project managers use as the the source of truth to guide our weekly sprints and development efforts.

    And - we are focused on a culture of empiricism to guide our product design and development efforts to best serve users. That said, we spend a lot of time in front of customers as well. So, it’s a balance.

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  • Posted to Pocket Casts 7 Brings a Major Overhaul with Material Theme Redesign, Nov 17, 2018

    Long time user of the Pocketcast web and mobile apps.

    I think this update is an improvement. Particularly with the priorities shifting from a focus on downloading - to a focus on streaming.

    Truthfully, for me one caveat - the podcast episode screen has this clumsily assembled jenga tower feel to it.

    Further, on the episode screen - the element, control and information priorities and hierarchy are out of wack with the heuristics of hand positioning and user intentions.

    If someone clicks on the episode screen - they likely want to - read the episode description.

    Otherwise, they would have clicked on stream from the list view.

    Now - the podcast cover art dominates a large swath of real-estate at the top of the screen.

    The centered titles are a bit hard to read when they’re long.

    And, the description is buried under the bottom of your hand.

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