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  • Posted to Tips on Recruiting Visually Impaired Users for Usability Test, in reply to Malik Khan , Mar 16, 2017

    Thanks—the initiative is still a bit of a guerrilla effort in the organization so I doubt our team would be able to get the budget approved to contract a third part agency just yet but it's good to hear SSB Bart worked well for you.

    They were one of the orgs we'd considered reaching out to once we'd sold the need for accessibility.

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  • Posted to AMA: Marc Hemeon, Co-Founder North, Designer at Hodinkee , Jun 23, 2015

    I suppose I'll start it off:

    • Would you be able to talk about how one would transition from one idea to another (i.e. Flickk > Teefury > Made by Humans > North) in what seems like a rather seem-less fashion?

    • Can you talk about the general progression of how you went about building Watchville then merging it with Hodinkee (i.e. did they reach out to you, did you propose the merger..)

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  • Posted to Twitter's new "favorite" animation is a static image, in reply to Pete Lada , Jan 08, 2015

    I hate to admit it but I was clicking the favourite icon for a little while on my browser... :S

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  • Posted to I'm starting a blog. I need a writing app. What's the best?, in reply to Adrian Pelletier , Dec 16, 2014

    While you don't NEED a writing app, I do agree that this is definitely my recommendation as well. I write notes, articles, website copy all in this app.

    Though I will admit that a lot of what makes this app great is it's in-depth native mac features and that it looks WAY better than the default notes app.

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  • Posted to Looking for a design & Photoshop 101 course for a newbie, Dec 05, 2014

    Lynda, Tutsplus and Treehouse might be good places to check. I also mentor at a place called if your community manager feels she needs more of a personal touch when learning.

    I've been meaning to work on a simple series around these topics. While I don't think I'll be able to produce it in time for when you need it I'm curious if you could give me a better idea of what topics you think would be helpful in a practical sense for the "non-designer"?

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  • Posted to I won't be giving you my money, in reply to Jake Fleming , Dec 05, 2014


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  • Posted to I won't be giving you my money, in reply to Dean Hudson , Dec 05, 2014

    Hahaha a developer friend of mine built this and I thought it was amusing. He tells me someone actually tried to give him money a few weeks ago if you'd believe that.

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  • Posted to OpenTable's website redesign live!, Dec 05, 2014

    Really puts OpenTable inline with it's great looking apps! :)

    Is there a particular insight/reason why you guys decided against using a user's IP address to guess the user's city?

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  • Posted to Node.js fork io.js is trying to design a logo, in reply to Jonathan Svärdén , Dec 05, 2014

    Have to agree. That's a pretty spiffy looking logo with an interesting direction. Will definitely be curious what comes out as the final logo.

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