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  • Posted to iOS App: How to launch it Free or Paid ?, Feb 03, 2017

    IMO It's quite simple really: asking for money in advance means far fewer people will be willing to try the app and your only customers will be those willing to take the risk and pay for it upfront. This means your presentation (description, screenshots, video, website) will have to be perfect and you'll have to put extra effort into convincing people the app will be worth their cash.

    If you offer it as free with limited functionality - a demo essentially that either denies access after 7 days or better yet limits the features users can get, then everyone who sees it can try it and figure out for themselves if they like it or it's valuable to them. This is of course assuming your app is good and can provide value to customers.

    Don't do ads. You'll earn peanuts.

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  • Posted to Mobee Dick - We do mobile UXD, Jan 30, 2017

    Awesome website - props to them.

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  • Posted to Taking another look at Adobe Xd , Jan 30, 2017

    XD is not a full fledged design tool yet nor will it be for a while longer (based on the rate at which the team implements new features), but what I've found is that it makes for a fine wireframing tool.

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  • Posted to How do you keep track of your productivity?, Jan 26, 2017

    Personally, every time I tried using some tool to keep track of every menial detail or task I have to do as part of a project I found it only slows me down. I do however take notes during conferences with clients and clean those up before I start working on them, and for this I use a markdown editor called Ulysses. I also use Ulysses to keep track of other information and notes I'll need throughout the project. One alternative worth mentioning here is the recently launched Milanote.

    I use my calendar for meetings - things that can be scheduled for a specific time, the reminders app for small things and Trello for more difficult tasks. The reason I split tasks into easy ones and difficult ones is that if I set a reminder for tomorrow at a specific hour and the task is a difficult one, I may not have the time or the patience to do it, and I found it's a lot better to have several lists in Trello (things I need to learn more about, ideas to market my services, etc.) and deal with them whenever I have the most time.

    I posted a more detailed story earlier about organising information a while ago and several other designers shared what tools they use.

    This is not quite the answer you were looking for but I hope it helps.

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  • Posted to How many designs do you usually present to the client?, Jan 14, 2017

    If you have to present options (that is completely different designs not just variations), it means you have failed to understand your client's company, their goals and their problems. It's our job to take that information and translate it into design, not give our client 3 pretty options to chose from and hope one of them gets it right.

    That's not to say you should only explore one solution throughout your process or that you shouldn't discuss ideas with your clients, because that's usually what leads to the best results, but there's a clear difference between that and going away and coming with several different versions hoping one of them gets it right.

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  • Posted to Feedback on newly created sites, Jan 14, 2017

    You should include way more info than that if you expect feedback. Who are the clients and what do they do, what is the purpose of these sites, how do you justify your ideas, what specifically do you need feedback on, etc.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Oppression Check, Jan 10, 2017

    Isn't hiring someone based on their race/religion/sexual orientation the whole thing you are trying to fight against?

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  • Posted to LMS Software, Jan 02, 2017

    I don't know of any such systems but I think you'll have a better chance of getting an answer on developer communities like stack. You could also try sites where people sell software like codecanyon (it may be a pretty bad example but it's the only one I know).

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