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  • Posted to Photoshop's new transform behavior needs to be reverted, in reply to Dirk HCM van Boxtel , Nov 22, 2018

    You mean like this, which was requested 7 years ago:

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  • Posted to How do I find design jobs with positive, social impact?, in reply to Kyle Greely , Nov 06, 2018

    Well there are a lot of companies here that try to do that ( and lantum come to mind but have a look on google and angel).

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  • Posted to How do I find design jobs with positive, social impact?, in reply to Kyle Greely , Nov 06, 2018

    +1 for angel, you'll find a lot of cool startups in many fields that would fit your criteria (such as edtech, politics, healthcare, etc.). You could do some research into what fields you think you'd be interested in and seeing which are most interesting. Here in the UK I know healthcare startups are pretty big because the NHS is leaving a lot of holes to be filled and some companies (like babylon, offering an on demand doctor via FaceTime) even signed contracts with the NHS so now you can use their tech to get an NHS doctor any time.

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  • Posted to What is your favorite prototyping tool?, in reply to Philip A , Nov 01, 2018

    +1 for that, I switched to HTML/CSS/JS recently and it's so much more realistic and flexible than any other tool on the market.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD MAX Release, in reply to Kyle Galle , Oct 16, 2018

    Do you guys have a reason for focusing on fancy animations other than everyone else is doing it? Have you actually spoken to designers and realised this was the most pressing concern - am I missing something?

    The way I see it, since repeat grids, there was no notable feature introduced, nothing competitors can't already do.

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  • Posted to How can I develop my "design eye"?, Oct 08, 2018

    While that’s not how most people learn it, I think you can get methodical with it. There are certain principles that if followed will make a design look aestheticslly pleasing, concepts like hierarchy, reading patterns, gestalt principles, colour theory, typography (for these last two I suggest focusing more on these psychology, i.e. what emotional reaction each colour or type of font elicits, rather than the actual theory about why the way we perceive colours is influenced by the colours around them).

    Then the ‘design eye’ will simply be a matter of learning to recognise whether a layout has solid hierarchy or not, whether the colour scheme chosen communicates the appropriate message or not.

    I hope this helps. Edit: I will send some articles when I get home from work.

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  • Posted to How does your prototyping workflow look like?, Oct 05, 2018

    I answered the survey, I think this could give you a shot at the market if you could create prototypes inside it and use it for lower fidelity stuff. Otherwise, I am growing weary of using third party tools (InVision failed on us two days ago and it consistently has problems), so I would be more open to native solutions (like the built in tools in Sketch or XD). So a third party tool would have an uphill battle going against the many existing ones doing the same thing.

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  • Posted to Just launched Boxy Suite - Mac clients for Gmail and Google Calendar, Oct 03, 2018

    I'll be curious to see if enough people can justify a monthly subscription to a Gmail wrapper. Don't get me wrong, the apps look great and I understand it probably took a lot of work (I won't actually try them out because you are asking for my card details), but from the standpoint of a user evaluating the value they are getting for a recurring payment, it's just a pretty Gmail wrapper that they loose the minute they cancel.

    If the main differentiator of your apps is superior performance compared to the dozens of Electron / web wrapper apps that do the same thing for free or for a very reasonable one off fee, I think you should reconsider asking people to commit and hand over their payment details before they can even try the apps.

    my 2c.

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  • Posted to New information architecture and UX/UI redesign for a big electricity and gas supplier company, Oct 03, 2018

    Nice. The design looks great and I think going for an atomic system was the right choice since otherwise we’ve seen the quality of the design deteriorate over time after the design team is done with it.

    I’d be curious to know how you documented the IA if you can share that and roughly how much time you spent at each stage. Also, did you do any testing and if so at what stages?

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  • Posted to Apple Steps Into the Future with MacOS 10.14 Mojave, in reply to Cristine Adeleke , Oct 03, 2018

    I’m with you, I’ll take healthy debate any day, though I understand their points about not being assholes to each other and trying to be respectful / understanding. But there’s a long way to go from there to not tolerating any critical opinions.

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