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  • Posted to Sketch 51, Jul 11, 2018

    Is it just me thinking that this Prototyping feature feels not right in sketch?

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  • Posted to Webflow or Sketch (with Marketch), in reply to Ömer Akyürek , Jun 14, 2018

    Webflow is more like a visual development tool. You are not as flexible and fast with designing your page in Sketch first, but your result will be a real page :) It is super intuitive and I highly recommend Webflow to designers which want to create a real webpage without coding. So it makes sense to use Sketch first for a screendesign, because you are faster and flexible, you can try out more ideas. When you have finished your design you should go to Webflow and start rebuilding your design, like a developer would to it with your designs.

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  • Posted to I'm not happy with Sketch, May 05, 2018

    I don't have any performance problems, even with big files. As comparison: when I got the invite from Invision Studio i tried it immediately because I was so excited about it. But the performance there was a big disappointment for me.

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  • Posted to Do I need to have cookie warnings?, in reply to Marc Edwards , Apr 12, 2018

    Thanks Marc for your answer. Yes that is true, I just took this for clear :)

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  • Posted to Best app for holding library of screen grabs, inspo images?, Mar 05, 2018

    Using Raindrop shortly and I really like it. Before I used Pinterest but it is not very handy for collection inspiration, shots uns useful links.

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  • Posted to Sketch's in house prototyping tool - What does it mean?, Mar 05, 2018

    I love Principle and I hope to see some news soon. I'm a little bit nervous (no news for quite a time) and hope they will continue their great development.

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  • Posted to Sketch adds prototyping in version 49, Feb 28, 2018

    Seriously, for me Principle changed everything and it just fits into my workflow in combination with Sketch. Hope Principle will do a great job in the future and there will be more development like this.

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  • Posted to 2018: What are the alternatives to After Effects for Interaction Design?, in reply to Patryk Zabielski , Jan 15, 2018

    IMO the best tool for delightful prototypes and interactions. But for production I think AE + LOTTIE (and bodymovin) are a the real thing.

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  • Posted to New job, fresh Macbook, what are some must have installs?, in reply to Anand Doshi , Dec 20, 2016

    Does SIP has the possibility to change the profil? You can do that in the digital color meter and this is a really strong feature to me. But acutally I'm also using Color Snapper but there you can't change the profile so actually I'm looking for a new color picker.

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  • Posted to InVision’s free course to switch to Sketch App, in reply to Nicholas Burroughs , Nov 03, 2016

    Same for me. Working on my 8 year old MBP made it impossible to use Sketch until now. But with my new one, I need a new tool. Sketch/Adobe xDesign or (later) Subform) will be my choice.

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