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  • Posted to Meetup.com Redesign, Nov 27, 2017

    Is it only my opinion or this new desktop version is extremely similar to Airbnb website? :P

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  • Posted to As a F-E Dev., how can I learn to design?, Jan 20, 2015

    You are lucky because you already know a tool to design and manipulate UI but I think that the difficult part is to improve your aesthetic sense and to study some basic rules of a good style guide.

    I want to suggest you to give a look to https://designcode.io . It's about Sketch (a UI oriented manipulating tool) and about iOS app, but it's also about how to use colors, text, font, etc.

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  • Posted to Reliable Icons iOS , in reply to TODOR ILIEV , Jan 09, 2015

    I have seen Teehanlax's GUI in past and I use them a lot when I design app in Photoshop, but previous versions weren't so complete. Thank you for your tip!

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