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  • Posted to Yes, That Web Project Should Be a Progressive Web App, Sep 01, 2017

    This sounds like implementing this would lead to some pretty significant development overhead. If you are tasked with building a brochure website for a small business, are there still advantages to this?

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  • Posted to The New YouTube Logo, Aug 29, 2017

    I like it. I never loved their brand, however. Tube is not the prettiest word and like so many other modern efforts, screams 'cooked up in a garage'

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  • Posted to Are notifications a dark pattern?, Jul 26, 2017

    signing you up automatically for them is.

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  • Posted to How do you handle NDAs while still trying to maintain a well-rounded portfolio? , Jul 25, 2017

    Most NDAs protect IP that is not known to the public, so if it is a website, I think that is OK. I have also had good luck asking employers to share work that is not ready for public release in private emails to drum up work.

    As an aside, I won't sign NDAs that do not have a term, usually two years.

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  • Posted to Fee, Free or Flee?, Jul 01, 2017

    I worked free for friends, and regretted it. Other than that, I have asked for market rate, or worked on my own projects, pushing boundaries, bending rules, going deep with code and focusing on high concept show pieces and did pretty good. I would do pro-bono work for non-profits if they are doing good work.

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  • Posted to Redditors design worst volume sliders possible, Jun 08, 2017

    Can't lie - the second one is awesome.

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Toptal — Hire Top Designers Faster, Oct 13, 2016

    I didn't have a good experience with these people. I didn't feel that their testing process reflected my skills well at all, and they completely ignored my other work experience. We look for people that are good problem solvers, have well rounded backgrounds and those that are eager to learn.

    So, yes. Expect tests.

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  • Posted to New porrtfolio, in reply to Todd Cantley , Oct 12, 2016

    Thanks man good feedback!

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  • Posted to Pandora has a new logo, Oct 12, 2016

    Just the fact they feel the need to dress it up with animated fancy graphics, kind of says it all. I dislike this just as much as the new Paypal logo and it is practically the same logo,

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Coworking space vs. cafe , Sep 22, 2016

    I love cafes for deep coding sessions - no distractions, noise cancelling headphones, constantly in new surroundings. Meetings /screenshares at home or cowork.

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