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  • Posted to Ask DN: Show off your dock, Jan 08, 2016

    Image alt

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What kind of questions would you ask the Interviewer?, Dec 15, 2015

    I usually ask:

    x) do you use timesheets?

    x) Is this a new role that has been created or am I replacing someone?

    x) what kind of hardware / software (& versions )will I be using?

    x) What training programs are available?

    x) are the hours strict? Can I start and work earlier / later on some days, with adequate notice.

    x) If my application is successful, what would you like to see me accomplish in the first 30 days?

    x) What skills are missing in the current team, that you’re looking to fill with a new hire?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How you people design on laptops?, in reply to Adam Hayman , Dec 09, 2015

    Bro, top points for using the trackpad. Depending on what you do, but have you considered using a small wacom? They're easier on the wrist, though some tasks can be easier to do using a mouse. I tend to use both and swap between them.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How you people design on laptops?, Dec 09, 2015

    Just my opinion, but there's nothing pro about the macbook pro screens. Glossy screens suck IMO - terrible for color & contrast accuracy. I always team up my laptop with a decent matte screen monitor (the best I can afford) and use the laptop as a secondary screen. The last RMBP I owned, if I had any applications open for longer than 30seconds and then minimized them or switched to another app, the previous application would be burnt into my monitor for the next 2minutes and slowly fade away. For a $4K pro laptop, I was extreemly pissed. I still am.

    Bit of a rant, but i feel abit better after that. Thanks for the therapy, team.

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  • Posted to Best monitor for a MacBook Pro, Dec 09, 2015

    If you're keen on dell and are serious about colour accuracy, make sure to go with their PremierColor range of monitors. They are EXCELLENT.

    If you want to save some cash, the dell U2715H is good.

    Disclaimer: I have (two)PremierColor 27" at home and work.

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  • Posted to WTF Adobe? (Photoshop Welcome Screen), Dec 09, 2015

    I use this alot more than I thought I would. No complaints here. If they could just fix the Ruler Lag bug, I'd be even happier.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Which is the best hosting provider for a creative?, in reply to Alejandro Dorantes , Nov 02, 2015

    host files / static homepage > dropbox

    email > $5 month gmail business plan

    zero effort. Get yourself back to creating and keep ur hands clean from all that messy none creating stuff.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Because designers should code, what are all the tools you use to develop websites? , Oct 06, 2015

    2012 Macbook pro // Windows 10 // Illustrator (Wireframes / UI design) // Photoshop (Image maninpulation & compositing) // After Effects (Animated mockups) // Sublime (coding) // GIT (version control) // Pencil & paper (ideas & rapid prototyping)

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  • Posted to Show DN: new website, Aug 26, 2015

    I don't quite understand the purpose of the homepage, I have to wait for it to load, then it asks me to click a link to go someplace else.

    Why not just take me straight to the projects?

    Would have been nice to see some integration between that lovely homepage artwork and the projects page.

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  • Posted to Disappointing Mailbox update. Looking for new Mail client!, Aug 20, 2015


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