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  • Posted to Fuzzball experiment, Apr 18, 2018

    It's the blue Yip Yip!


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  • Posted to Mobingi.com Brand Identity Design, Mar 01, 2018

    This is dope. love these thorough breakdowns, thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Vector icon speed runs, Jul 21, 2017

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like illustrator - Any tips or tricks you've discovered through this process that you might be able to share with others?

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  • Posted to Illustration UI, Jun 23, 2017

    While an interesting concept, it's going to need a solid re think about how it's loading in for it to ever be successful. The below is the load and load time before anything even showed up. I'm in Australia.


    I don't know if you're the author or not, but for the author or anyone else reading, a couple of simple suggestions to get going on how to make a drastic improvement towards this feeling snappy and quick:

    • Critical Path CSS + lazy loading of assets. Get it feeling like it loads up in an instant and then content starts filtering in.

    • Optimise/compress the assets being loaded in. 12 assets with 1mb or more of size and the largest being 4.9mb is crazy.

    • Feedback, feedback, feedback. The more feedback you can provide to your users of what is going on the better. If you have to pre load some stuff, make it clear what's going on. A logo in the middle does nothing to tell me why i'm waiting.

    I had to wait for 30 or so image assets to load on top of the rest of the sites assets before anything showed up. I opened my dev tools to see if it had hit a JS snag and stopped loading entirely.

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  • Posted to Dann Petty's review on the iMac Pro site., in reply to Andrew C , Jun 15, 2017

    This is a side note to any designers reading through this thread, but I find the below a great tool to put context around how accessible your colour contrasts are. It's a regular in my design process to ensure i'm meeting standards, but sometimes boundaries shift a touch depending on the target audience


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  • Posted to Humaan - new site design, in reply to Surjith S M , Mar 22, 2017

    Ok awesome, thanks for the feedback. I'll take that info to the other devs here and we'll see what can be done to improve that experience. Cheers!

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  • Posted to Humaan - new site design, in reply to Surjith S M , Mar 22, 2017

    Gday, I'm running some tests with Browserstack at the moment and am not seeing any issues with scrolling on win8 and 8.1 in Firefox. If you can email through some more details we can test further - dan@humaan.com.au

    Also, if you are seeing any errors appear in the developer tools console, please chuck them in the email as well.


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  • Posted to Number 04, Jan 31, 2017

    definitely different. not a fan personally.

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  • Posted to STRV, Dec 08, 2016

    I love the simplicity of this. They aren't trying to overdo anything, not trying to come up with fancy grids or exploded layouts or do anything tricky.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Redesigning an Obscure Book, in reply to Matt Kirkland , Sep 01, 2016

    that is really interesting, nice work! Would you care to share the icon set you've made as well?

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