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  • Posted to Do you believe in Jack of all trades or Master of one?, Oct 24, 2015

    I've been a jack of all trades, from programming, design, construction, wood working, auto repair, electronics repair, etc. I was inspired by my grandfather who came from a time when it was necessary to be a generalist, to repair your home/farm yourself and be self taught in many things. He built his own house, repaired his own cars, and happened to be an electrician that worked on super computers in the 80's and got me hooked on computers at an early age.

    Being in multimedia with budget constraints I am expected to do the impossible, make $50k projects for under $2k. Corners get cut and products can't be perfected but its where a generalist can shine.


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  • Posted to UI8 About page (Low Poly 3D Faces), Oct 13, 2015

    Very cool use of Three.JS

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  • Posted to Do Serifs Make You Tap?, Sep 28, 2015

    When the font of the ad is the same as the site that is displaying it people may believe it is just content for the site because it is styled in the same way. It is more deceptive when it blends in. The sites where the ads are displayed probably use these fonts more frequently.

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  • Posted to how do I build a website without any CMS? any idea for a guideline? , Feb 17, 2015

    I've made a few sites where the customer required it to be static files for security reasons with minimal server maintenance (Government). They also wanted a back-end so that they can make easy edits.

    I ended up using WordPress with the REST API plugin and Angular.JS to make a Single page app. When they would publish an article, PHP would curl the REST API and save the results to static .json files. These would get deployed nightly automatically.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Bakken & Bæck, Oct 16, 2014

    It is a really nice site, I love the mood of the images and the use of video backgrounds. However it doesn't work in IE10 while showing some people at work. Remember that many corporations are still on IE8-10 :(

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  • Posted to From DN: Photoshop wish list, Oct 12, 2014

    Adding the ability to tag/categorize fonts maybe into folders would be a great typographical feature for Illustrator/Photoshop.

    Then when I want a Techy, Comic, or Script font I would quickly have them all grouped for easier browsing.

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  • Posted to iTunes Store Redesign, in reply to Pierre de Milly , Oct 11, 2014

    Being apple, they could get away with a new convention by using words like 'Save/Saved', 'Get/Got', 'Stow/Stored', 'asdf/qwerty''

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Full Stack or Specialist?, Sep 19, 2014

    I work for a Fortune 50 as a full stack in everything multimedia.

    In 3 years of working there I have:

    • 250+ print design projects

    • 50+ design awards (web/print design)

    • Emmy nominations for documentary work (after effects)

    • Video Production

    • Managed servers (IT)

    • Developed several kiosk/trade show interactives (AS/JS)

    • Design/Develop Websites as my primary job (HTML/CSS/JS/Angular.JS/MS SQL/MySQL/Mongo/.NET/PHP/GO/Node.JS/SharePoint/WordPress/etc)

    Before that I worked for tech start-ups for 10yrs doing multiple roles as well. Every few weeks something comes along I've never done before, say video special effects, developing in a new language, large format printing on the side of a building, . I attack the problem without fear and have a basic mastery of the tool/language in a few hours simply because of the years of experience in similar fields. I win some awards and move on to the next project.

    It is exciting to learn new things, having a passion for what you do is very important. Most of my nights are spent doing research instead of entertainment, learning things is my primary hobby. I went to school for IT but had a passion for design/programming and that passion has done more for me than schooling ever could.

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