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  • Posted to AMA: Anton Zykin, CEO and Co-Founder of SFCD (formerly SoftFacade), Oct 07, 2015

    Hey Anton!

    I'm a big fan of SFCD's animation work in the mobile space (Yes, I follow you guys on Dribbble). I'm curious how this get implemented in the actual product. Is it done in code or an image sequence?

    Loving the work since the skeumorphic era! —Poon

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  • Posted to Tweet Fighter II, Aug 28, 2015

    Looked pretty fun. Wasn't sure what to do.

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  • Posted to Sitedesign: Campaign, Aug 27, 2015

    Looking forward to a case study or making of this :)

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  • Posted to This is not food photography, in reply to John Paul de Guzman , Jul 02, 2015

    Love it. I actually like how fake yet real it looks. Retouching at it's best!

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  • Posted to Are you currently on Dribbble?, May 01, 2015


    Dribbble is still very good fun and inspirational for me—I don't post commercial works though. Dribbble meet-ups are great too!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Wonderfruit festival Thailand, Oct 21, 2014

    LOVE IT! Only opinion (highly personal) — it could be a tad more Thailand.

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  • Posted to Site Design: ALECTIA, Oct 05, 2014

    Very unique! Great work. I really like how this is visually different from a lot of web content out there.

    Love how the branding translate from the logo mark to the iconography (looks pretty bespoke!) and then to the transitions — Amazing grid work too!

    @Matthew: Agree on some unnecessary hover transitions.

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  • Posted to Does Originality Even Matter in Web Design?, Sep 22, 2014

    Originality matters. My personal 2 cents (:

    – Creative fatigue affects users. If everything looked the same, cut-through would be less.

    – Designs (mainly product design) should begin at the root of the problem/challenge — not the execution.

    – 'Craft' enriches experiences.

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