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Andrew Conn

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  • Posted to Where do you collect design inspiration for easy access, browsing, etc?, Dec 05, 2018

    I came across a while back and cad def say it’s the best I’ve used for this kinda thing.

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  • Posted to Does anyone still use RSS readers? Looking for feedback!, in reply to Todd F , Aug 04, 2018

    Agree. I think the less than ideal Feedly mobile experience is why a lot of people just sit Reeder on top of Feedly. That’s what I do. Feedly seems to have ‘discovery’ as a core design principle - big images, magazine layouts, etc. Takes so much longer to go through articles. Reeder on the other hand, in my mind, has ‘efficiency’ at its core and consequently its much faster to go through your feeds.

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  • Posted to Does anyone still use RSS readers? Looking for feedback!, in reply to Simone , Aug 04, 2018

    Agree. Same... Feedly + Reeder.

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  • Posted to Toggl rebranding, Apr 06, 2018

    Most unique illustration style I’ve seen in the last few years. Like it a lot. That being said, it took me a while to figure out what it is they actually do.

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  • Posted to Notion 2.0, Mar 21, 2018

    I like it. Very similar to Quip and their ‘Live Apps’ feature. Blending of traditionally siloed productivity features - word processing, spreadsheets, to-do list, etc. - is the future of collaboration for sure. Salesforce bought quip just a few years ago for $800M.

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  • Posted to ASK DN : From where do you browse/collect 'inspirations' for your next/current design work?, Mar 01, 2018

    On my laptop/desktop, Muzli chrome extension is good. InVision bought them a while back. Panda chrome extension is also pretty good, though less emphasis on visual imagery. Unsplash and Art Station also have similar extensions. All of these replace your new tab page so you get a bit of inspiration each time you open a new tab throughout the work day.

    If I’m on my phone, I’m usually just browsing around. Dribbble, Behance, websites, etc.

    In either of those situations, I do one of two things. 1) Save the image into a folder in Google Drive called Inspiration, then later organize in Eagle ( I can’t recommend Eagle enough for this kind of thing. 2) Email the URL to myself where I later organize with tags.

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  • Posted to Too many Pins in your Google Image Search?, Feb 26, 2018

    This is great. Pinterest images in Google Image Search is at pandemic levels. Would not be so bad if Pinterest didn’t roadblock you when not signed in, but they’re incessant and provide zero value to the user unless signed it. They’ve reached Quora levels of annoying. Surprised Google has not dropped their PageRank more.

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  • Posted to How Dropbox handles downgrades, Feb 26, 2018

    I just had to help someone downgrade their Dropbox. I was very surprised how many times they tried to trick you into clicking the wrong button in order to stop you from downgrading. Talk about UX dark patterns. Ethically borderline, but hey... I’m sure some Prodict Manager at Dropbox is hitting his/her retention numbers, right?!

    I’d love to see some type of US national legislation mandating a standard 3-step account downgrade/deletion UX. Make it consistent for users and instill accountability.

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  • Posted to VEEER – A Lightweight Window Manager for Your OS X, Feb 21, 2018

    Nice. MacOS is definitely missing this functionality natively. Odd that Windows has is built in, but MacOS doesn’t. For my MacOS setup, I found something similar to VEEER a long time ago called Better Snap Tool. It’s very powerful, highly customizable.

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