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    Ah, i'm sorry.

    enters spiritual guru mode

    Either you like something(attachment) or dislike something(hatred). When something you like doesn't happen, you become miserable. When something you dislike happens, you become miserable. All this liking and disliking that goes on in the mind manifests itself as physical sensation on the body.

    After all, all physical sensations that occur on our body are impermanent i.e. after they have arisen they will pass away too. So, why become attached to these impermanent sensations or why have an aversion toward these sensations?

    This world is all attachment, strongest block to realization.


    Btw, thanks for pointing out. Already fixed. Love from India. :)

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    Swastika, the sacred symbol in India.

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    Iconography, typography top notch.

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    God bless you. ✋

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