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  • Posted to Best frontend tools, in reply to Jonathan White , Nov 04, 2014

    Sublime and atom are language agnostic.

    Sublime especialy is so flexible you can use it for almost anything.

    Brackets is starting to be pretty great, because it only focuses on frontend. It does also some tooling and that used to be messy if you use gulp/grunt. But it has some fancy features like livehtml basicaly live everything with developer tools embedded inside the editor. Its also good time to try because it accidentaly hit 1.0 like a week ago.

    For me in the end sublime with its speed and all the great text editing tools wins. But not by much and since its development is basicaly stopped. I wouldnt be suprised something like Brackets will be superior editor soon (they are adding features at realy fast pace).

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  • Posted to Apple Doesn’t Design for Yesterday, in reply to Axel Clarke , Oct 18, 2014

    That would be crazy if motivation realy was that they wanted people to upgrade their imacs :D

    Retina aside, there are still so many typefaces more suitable for interfaces than Helvetica. Apple can buy any fucking font in the world and make it theirs.

    I think there is huge amount of nostalgia going on with helvetica and they probably dont want to loose that.

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  • Posted to Apple Doesn’t Design for Yesterday, in reply to Dwayne Charrington , Oct 18, 2014

    Personaly i would go further. Since apple fired Scott Forstall and made Jony Ive head of graphic design... their ux/graphics quality went realy downwards. It seems like there is someone charge who realy isnt a graphic designer but.. industrial designer?

    Seriously i was no big fan of skeumorphism before iOS7 but it was so much more understandable than its now. I dont understand how they can allow to make UX worse than in iOS6. And significantly worse, nobody remembers now, but there are so many wrong things in iOS7 ux and visual design.

    All that parallax gimmick and fucking ugly glass. Seriously the same fucking glass that was in Windows Vista the shittiest OS ever. I know everybody thinks Apple can do it better than Microsoft, sure but the whole idea doesnt bring anything useful to the table.. transparency of menus etc is just distracting.

    And the whole Helvetica thing? Seriously anybody who went through some typography education knows that it is a powerful typeface but for day to day functional usage.. not so much. There are much better choices for that. And the retina argument doesnt change anything, yes it will make it much sharper but the problem is helvetica set too small and..


    Now all that and more comes to Yosemite. And the problems starts to show up even more. And they ripped quicksilver/alfred in the process. Thumbs up.

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  • Posted to Leica T extended review — Minimally Minimal, Oct 05, 2014

    Interesting to see designer being happy with shooting on auto all the time.

    Also i find it pretty awesome that there are designers valued like this. I mean viewfinder 600 dollars no problem, brand new iphone, luxury cars and houses... from the work i understand he is an industrial designer (because the graphic is not too exciting). Does it mean that industrial designers are valued more? Not that i am envious or anything (i am not even american) its just interesting.

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