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  • Posted to Minimum required mac for design, Nov 11, 2016

    Got a late 2013 15in MBP, 16GB RAM and 512 SSD. I must say, doing a mixture of development (threejs, but that's mainly sublime text), graphics (photoshop and illustrator), video and running windows on parallels with a 3d modelling program (rhino), at least 30 tabs in chrome open, all at the same time - I am impressed with my machine. I'm working usually on three screens (one is a converted 4k iMac, I guess the dedicated graphics help here) without a glitch.

    Photoshop runs as a breeze, Illustrator never crapped up even with a 100mb file, Rhino dies only if I do something stupid, etc. And I can still play music and waste time on twitter. I restart... once a week maybe? Just checked, nope, more like every ten days.

    Just looked this on ebay up, there's one for £ 1300. I literally can't see when I'm going to give this computer up.

    Spend some monies extra, save them in the long run.

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  • Posted to The Collective’s new London co-living space, in reply to Ed Adams , May 08, 2016

    The place is actually quite far off from the "centre" of London (20min commute to oxford circus, w/o changing), on the Bakerloo line (which is quite slow), and the rooms are quite overpriced, even by the local standards around here - they're so tiny*!

    For £250pw (£1000/mo) you're much better off trying your luck on spare room :)

    *notice the nice mirror in the pics. well played, must say.

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  • Posted to Interacting with a home-made hologram, Nov 02, 2015

    I'm quite curious where all the magics going on in VR/AR/... are going to lead, especially since this seems, if not video edited, like an indie version of magic leap. At least for me (bricks 'n mortar architect/designer), these technologies might prove to be rather disruptive.

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  • Posted to Should Dentists code?, in reply to Sacha Greif , Oct 11, 2015

    You would be surprised at the answer you would get to this question in some (wide-ranging) architect's circles.

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  • Posted to Show DN: dimitrie.org, in reply to Sjors Timmer , Sep 17, 2015

    Nice! I do agree that there are some things to take away from architecture, but there are also quite some caveats in the "classical" line of the architectural business.

    Crossbreeding is good in general, and I strongly encourage it - in a sense it's what I'm trying to do, only the direction is reversed from yours. Architectural design and planning in general has already become a pure "service" and it needs to adapt accordingly its pedagogy (architects are still trained as "creative geniuses") as well as its practice methodology - it's rather stuck, feedback loops are often missing outside the inner technical&design circle, stakeholders are usually something to fight against (or secretly serve, depending on who is paying), user-testing is rather scoffed at, etc.

    Ok, I'll stop ranting - if you're around in London, beer's on me - would love to converse.

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  • Posted to Show DN: dimitrie.org, in reply to Connor Norvell , Sep 17, 2015

    Hello Connor, thanks for the encouragement! The copy is, as you say, completely obtuse - it seems like this is the general vibe i'm getting - so I will proceed to rewrite it.

    I am probably trying to cram up too many details in what should be a rather simple statement. Thanks!

    Yes, the original theme is modified quite a bit, also on the "backend" side - had to implement navigation, etc. Learned quite a bit about the ghost platform (which probably explains the bad copy, hehe...).

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  • Posted to Show DN: dimitrie.org, in reply to Sjors Timmer , Sep 17, 2015

    Hello Sjors,

    Thanks a lot - you're right, copy is completely off. I will try to look at some theory behind mission and vision statements - nevertheless, i might just steal your summary - it's quite good, to the point, and does say what i was trying to say, albeit more succinctly and successfully :)

    Glad you like the subject, it's quite a novel avenue of research, so I am waddling through it slowly. There's actually a lot to learn from places like... designer news, and then transfer back to what I am doing.

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  • Posted to CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force, in reply to Culita Aioanei , Apr 01, 2015

    Ouch, sorry to spoil your morning. Let's just let this dissolve itself in the queue slowly and quietly, hopefully it won't annoy too many people.

    May the force be with us all.

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  • Posted to Walkway.js — An easy way to animate SVG, in reply to Cihad Turhan , Nov 01, 2014

    Pretty pretty pretty. Can't wait to use it in something - for no reason at all :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: ALECTIA, Oct 04, 2014

    Well rounded design - it's almost like a manual on typesetting. The hovers are a bit superflous, but fit well enough that you forgive.

    One issue that I don't like (part of a bigger design illness) is the fact that, on the hover on the projects covers up the image and shows only textual info. Maybe it fits the profile of the company (consultancy) - text is more important than graphics - but it is slightly frustrating - I expect to the see the image better (or maybe i'm wired the old school way).

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