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  • Posted to My Sublime Text Preference File, in reply to Daryl Ginn , Jul 16, 2013

    Oh! I like:

    "saveonfocus_lost": true,

    Didn't know that one existed. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Homepage Sliders?, Jul 02, 2013

    Brad Frost has some good stuff: http://bradfrostweb.com/blog/post/carousels/

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Anyone have tips for writing a bio?, Jun 07, 2013

    Have someone else write it for you. Then you don't have to worry about gloating too much and it would theoretically be more accurate. I want to say I heard this advise from Zeldman on his podcast.

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  • Posted to Interactive iPhone 5S & iOS7 Concept, Jun 06, 2013

    No really, I posted this because it's some really cool web dev, not because I'm an Apple fanboy and am excited about the next iOS. :)

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  • Posted to Backup local MySQL databases to Dropbox, Apr 29, 2013

    Great point! I did update the post to warn people of this. I did make the point that, for me anyway, my local databases are not mission critical (just a clone of the live site to test with) so corruption isn't a huge concern for me.

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  • Posted to What is a good icon generator software?, Apr 25, 2013

    +1 for Icon Slate. Chris Coyier did a screencast talking about it in case you wanted to see: http://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/122-the-state-of-favicons/

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  • Posted to Flat Terminal, Apr 10, 2013

    I made an iTerm version for the folks using it. http://ryantvenge.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/flat.itermcolors.zip

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  • Posted to Forms vs. Email — Best Practice?, Apr 09, 2013

    I personally like email over form, but my concern was always that mailto: links would open a users un-setup email client on their desktop computer. I think that's why forms got popular in the first place.

    Do you think that's an issue anymore? I know you can set up Chrome to open Gmail.com, but does the user get prompted to make that setting change? And how does IE handle mailto: if there isn't a mail client?

    I don't buy the "it reduces spam" argument anymore because forms get filled out so much by bots.

    It's not as much of an issue on mobile because for whatever reason, people set up an email on those devices.

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  • Posted to Do you buy ugly software? , Mar 12, 2013

    I try not to have aesthetics get in the way of me buying useful software. That said, if two pieces of software are comparable, I'll go with the better designed one. This is the only reason I picked Pandora over Slacker (although slacker did get a nice redesign not-so-long-ago).

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