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Ed Fairman

London Senior Interaction Designer at BBC Worldwide Joined almost 4 years ago

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  • Posted to Does InVision Studio lag for anybody else really bad?, Jul 20, 2018

    Yep, really badly. I also get a strange blackout when flipping windows, which means I have to close and reopen the app (it happens a lot). Additionally, I get strange bugs on selecting elements, and the undo doesn't always work.

    Obviously, it's still in Beta, so it's going to happen - they need to progressively smooth out the creases. For me though, it's too buggy to use as my primary prototyping tool, so I'm sticking with Sketch.

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  • Posted to digitaldesign.tools, Jun 25, 2018

    Nice man, really clean and clear. What animation tool did you use for the interaction on this project? Really cool https://tparkes.com/projects/benevolentai

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  • Posted to Pelican website re-design, Jun 01, 2018

    I don't really get how this is worth sharing. It's pretty awful. Oversized text, oversized images, excessively large CTAs, no retina support, poor IA... come on.

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  • Posted to Introducing FlowMapp.com, Oct 17, 2017

    Lovely execution and a useful product - I can tell you and your team have worked hard on this! I'd really like to join up, but those payment plans are pretty costly, especially with all the other tools I'm subscribed to. I agree with Matt above ^ - could you not introduce a more affordable plan which serves a smaller team or freelancer? Or increase project quota/allowance? Just a suggestion. Regardless, well done

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  • Posted to Google Is Really Good at Design, in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Oct 13, 2017

    As is Google Calendar (desktop / non-app). I use it so much, I wish they cleaned it up a bit.

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  • Posted to A Short Trip, in reply to Sam Solomon , Sep 26, 2017

    Yeah, that could've been a lot clearer (modal on load would be better). The 'i' icon certainly isn't enough.

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  • Posted to iPhone X, Sep 13, 2017

    I'd prefer better battery life than all of these fairly pointless features, to be honest

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  • Posted to What happened to the Smashing Magazine redesign?, Aug 08, 2017

    Hate to say it, but I really don't like either design.

    The original (old) version is so distracting and overwhelming that I can't digest any of the useful content it delivers.

    The new version is just too heavy on the colour. I really dislike that typeface too - the squashed 'a' is horrid. It's just a HUGE homepage - they need to simplify the hierarchy.

    I'm surprised this got rolled out - I'm disappointed, as they churn out some good info on design but can't deliver a decent looking site.

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  • Posted to Site Redesign: Pentagram, in reply to Daniel Pape , Jul 19, 2017


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