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  • Posted to New Squarespace Branding, Dec 04, 2018

    I think this is Uber's best rebrand yet.

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  • Posted to Have you upgraded to macOS Mojave?, in reply to Daniel Golden , Sep 27, 2018

    If it's node-sass which is powered by node-gyp then sometimes the solution was downloading like 1-2GB XCode install to get a certain command line feature. Don't you just love modern web dev?

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  • Posted to Apple Watch Series 4 revealed — massive display, dense watch face, more, in reply to Jan Semler , Sep 02, 2018

    With their "gather round" I figured it was a long shot but they might drop a Moto 360 style round watch option?

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  • Posted to My daily PLANNER, Aug 21, 2018

    Wow, a bunch of negative people on here today. For the uninitiated, this looks like a downloadable template for bullet journalling, which is a thing. Just because you haven't heard of it, or it's not for you, doesn't mean it doesn't have value.

    Personally I find it hard to keep up with bullet journals, but my wife does a better job. I generally use it to keep track of personal events and track my 5-and-2 (5 veg, 2 fruit). It's a mindfulness exercise.

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  • Posted to Updates to the Microsoft Office user experience, Jun 17, 2018

    The typos in the video content draw the eye and distract from what they're trying to present. "UX and desing", "a n Excel" etc.

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  • Posted to The End of Diabetes by Zeus Jones, Jun 15, 2018

    Did someone forget to upload the composited version or do people of the future enjoy touching and stroking bits of glass? image

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  • Posted to Airbnb Cereal typeface, in reply to Karri Saarinen , May 15, 2018

    We're currently looking at licensing a big font foundry typeface. Could you comment on the purported reason more companies are creating their own typeface being due to exorbitant per seat licensing costs?

    EDIT: Oh, and great work of course. That goes without saying.

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  • Posted to Figma launches DesignSystems.com, May 15, 2018

    Hmmm not sure if it's being a non-retina screen but Poppins has some odd artefacts. The oddly aligned circle inside the 'a' and 'g', the narrow flat bar 'e'.

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  • Posted to Dribbble TOP, Fraser Davidson, about how to open your Studio, in reply to Paul Mit , Apr 12, 2018

    I've always admired Fraser's work, so I've just saved it to read after hours for now.

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  • Posted to Dribbble TOP, Fraser Davidson, about how to open your Studio, Apr 12, 2018

    Just a heads up the loading animation timed out or was blocked by an AdBlocker. The article took a few refreshes to appear.

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