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  • Posted to Ask DN: What CMS to use instead of WordPress for simple one-pager?, Sep 02, 2015

    I've been working on a CMS called Blot which publishes files from your Dropbox: https://blot.im/

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  • Posted to Show DN: FontCDN, a search tool for Google Fonts, Aug 11, 2015

    Great work! Have been using this for the last few days. Am impressed you got the initial load down to 360kb. Few thoughts and questions:

    • What made you choose the sidebar layout vs. a header?
    • Alphabetical sorting seems superfluous and currently has the confusing label 'alpha' (transparency? fonts under construction?) – what made you include it?
    • The sliding effect when you hover the type samples is a little odd, especially when the sample fits inside its container
    • The 'light/dark' toggle should be visually distinct from the layout toggle. They all look like three options in a single group, when in reality they belong in two separate groupings.
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  • Posted to Show DN: Just rebuilt my portfolio w/ React.js, in reply to Patrick Sun , Aug 07, 2015

    Right now this isn't really a functional website, despite how quickly the DOM responds to clicks. For instance – how does someone link to a specific project?

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  • Posted to Work Sans is now hosted by Google Fonts, in reply to Laurens Spangenberg , Aug 07, 2015


    Comme leans in that direction (particularly its "g" and "a" as well as its stroke variance). However, I'd still consider it closer to Franklin & Univers than Scala & Frutiger.

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  • Posted to Work Sans is now hosted by Google Fonts, in reply to Laurens Spangenberg , Aug 06, 2015

    Franklin Gothic FS, Cooper Hewitt & Comme are all available under a free, commercial use license, for anyone else who might be interested.

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  • Posted to Mirror Images Part II, in reply to Chantal Jandard , Jul 08, 2015

    Well I'm glad you changed your mind:

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  • Posted to Mirror Images Part II, in reply to Paul @Stammy , Jul 08, 2015

    At least Eli generally takes an interesting position and attempts to defend it. His posts regularly provoke a worthwhile discussion.

    Compared to the press releases and inane medium posts that often make it to the front page, I'd take Eli's writing any day.

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  • Posted to Showoff your menubar, in reply to Jaime Fausto , Jul 08, 2015

    Agreed – when I'm plugged in at work, this is what my menu bar looks like:


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  • Posted to Mirror Images Part II, in reply to Jared Comis , Jul 08, 2015

    A lot of the article is quite obviously tongue–in-cheek. Do you seriously think that Apple looked to the space jam website for inspiration?

    And what sort of reasoning are you looking for? This article provides a brief list of designs which have cropped up recently, and proposes the source of their inspiration...

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  • Posted to Beautiful typography using Google Fonts, Apr 03, 2015

    These are generally pretty sloppy. Too much unreadable paragraph text and careless type pairings.

    Here's a more considered series of Google fonts in use: http://hellohappy.org/beautiful-web-type/

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