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  • Posted to This coffee shop hasn't opened yet and I hope they never change their website, Feb 26, 2017

    I know this was linked in small part of humor but the copy of the website is actually quite fantastic.

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  • Posted to This coffee shop hasn't opened yet and I hope they never change their website, in reply to Taimur Abdaal , Feb 26, 2017

    You should check out

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  • Posted to This coffee shop hasn't opened yet and I hope they never change their website, in reply to Austin Paquette , Feb 26, 2017

    Firefox gives me an OCSP error.

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  • Posted to Design Report 2016 - Photoshop isn't leading anymore, in reply to Anh Vu Hoang , Feb 24, 2017

    I feel like a breakdown by country would make this data more useful.

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  • Posted to Re-designing Sketch, in reply to Weston Vierregger , Feb 24, 2017

    I enjoy Sketch's UI the way it is, although that's just my personal preference. I should have clarified the last sentence as that.

    My personal preferences aside however, I don't see how using a custom UI would necessarily make things work better. Obviously better UI patterns and widgets should be used if they work better than their native counterparts which Sketch already does in some places, but I don't agree with the reasoning behind changing the aesthetics/visual components of the UI itself (e.g the window chrome being lighter) as presented in this article.

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  • Posted to Portfolio of Johanna Jaskowska, in reply to dave f , Feb 24, 2017 redirects to

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  • Posted to Re-designing Sketch, Feb 24, 2017

    The use of brighter colors and semi-non standard UI doesn't seem necessary to me. I believe that the use of standard MacOS UI is actually what helps makes Sketch especially stand out compared to their competitors simply because their competitors are precisely using non-standard UIs.

    In addition this characteristic is what I think makes Sketch also feel more trustworthy.

    Edit: Clarified the last statement

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  • Posted to Brutalist design now has its own framework, Feb 20, 2017

    Seriously, how could one possibly mess up this with something like this and this. It's not like this is even art school HUMN101 level knowledge; this is something I learned in high school.

    But even if you did do web design that comply to the Brutalist design principles, the last thing you'd need is a new framework for doing so.

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  • Posted to Handpicked collection of minimal design objects, Feb 18, 2017

    This object in the list is probably the ant-thesis of minimalism. It in fact contains more visual elements than the average high end notebook.

    Minimalism is a philosophy that relates to neutrality. The object should not attract attention to itself. Neither should the object be inherently personalized, in fact it should be depersonalized. It should be background object which allows one to do things. To quote the popular Dieter Rams, it should be "as little design as possible." Of course this doesn't avoid the case where the object stands out simply by being different than the others, although that's a different scenario.

    The first problem is the inclusion of text on the front and the side. There is no reason why it needs to be there from a minimalist standpoint. Although worse yet is that the text that was chosen is even more anti-minimalist. The text, "My Black Book" refers to the self—the person owning the book. In the text alone it connects to the ego of the owner which makes it both an inherently personalized item and one of prestige. It's like having a kitschy phone case. It speaks towards the ego of the owner.

    The rest of the pages continue to stroke the ego in this regard. There is an introduction in which its very inclusion speaks towards another one's authority, especially with the fact that it was signed by a person. This is not to mention the inclusion of grammar mistakes. It is also attempting to predetermine the contents of the book, namely one that is journal-like. There is no reason why a notebook should do this. The experience and contents of the notebook should be determined according to its owner.

    The "Chapters" of this book is worrying. It frames the contents of the book as being more important than they are. If you own this book, chances are you're most likely not an important person writing their autobiography. There is no reason why to frame it as one.

    The inclusion of the publisher's logo on the side is laughable when positioned as minimalist. It's visual clutter which has no reason whatsoever to be included.

    Although this rant might be a bit excessive, the fact is that minimalism means "as little as possible." It's not possible to call yourself minimal if the object you've created is one which contains more, not less components than the standard one and is not an object that is neutral.

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  • Posted to Welcome to WWDC17 - San Jose, CA, June 5-9, in reply to John P , Feb 17, 2017

    They haven't even announced anything yet. And there isn't anything even in the rumor mill regarding software.

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