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    We do plan to support Python backend but at the moment, we are focusing on polishing the current functionality.

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    I launched an Open Source deployment tool managed via Command-Line:

    Long story short - I always found the environment setup to be the most annoying part of web development. If you ever installed WordPress you should understand why…

    The most comfortable solution for my workflow would be some kind of CLI tool that lets me define the frontend + backend setup I need for a given project & deploys it right away so that I have a live preview of the project.

    Along with my colleagues, we’ve built something like this, and to be honest - we’re proud AF.

    We’ve been using it for internal projects for some time and it made our work easier than ever.

    A while ago we released an update that cleared most of the bugs and we’re now trying to open this to the public - for usage & contribution.

    But we have a problem.

    We’re not sure how useful would it be for anyone outside of our team.

    That’s why I need your help. I need your answers to the following questions:

    1. Is the landing page linked above clear enough? Do you have an idea of what the project does?

    2. Would you find this solution useful in your workflow?

    3. Please see the list of features of the project below - do you see any features that would be redundant and unnecessarily complicate the tool for you?

    4. What other features a project like that should have?

    5. Any general feedback is also appreciated.

    Here is the full list of the current product features for your reference:

    I. Backend + Frontend templates - currently you can compose your environment using the following technologies

    • MongoDB / MySQL

    • PHP / Laravel / WordPress / Node.js / Express.js / / Passport + any node other module

    • Pure HTML+JS / Bootstrap / Angular / React / Vue / Tailwind

    II. Free hosting - you can deploy your project on a domain & host it for free

    III. Custom domains - you can add a custom domain to your project- also for free but you need to own a domain (you have to have access to the DNS records ofc.)

    IV. SSL - you can add an SSL certificate to your domain (HTPPS)

    V. FTP access - you can upload assets for your project using a simple FTP connection

    VI. Database - you can access your database (SQL or noSQL)

    VII. Git repository - you can integrate your project with a private Git repository with one click. You can add contributors to your project & you can work on it together.

    VIII. Predesigned solutions - f.e. working contact forms, newsletter tool, chat app & more coming soon

    Please keep in mind that this is an early-stage project which is 100% free & open-source. Due to this, we recommend using it mainly in simple development environments that don’t require huge processing power or holding sensitive data.

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