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  • Posted to Launched my new portfolio, May 24, 2017

    This looks awesome.

    You should check out clojurescript. If you are, you should then check out the libraries by Toxi - - awesome stuff.

    Congrats on the launch.

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  • Posted to I want to use Framer, in reply to Tim Kjær Lange , May 08, 2017

    Re: Framercasts A shame they only let you login with an FB account to buy the videos.

    I don't have one, so there is a potential lost sale.

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  • Posted to A Fresh New Redesigned Framer App, in reply to Andu Potorac , Apr 27, 2017

    Designers should be on whatever platform they feel most productive on. I use both Windows and Mac and seeing that the framer guys are probably going to release a Windows version is very good news. Same with the tools from (Affinity apps).

    Choice is good, otherwise we get companies (e.g. Apple, who don't care so much about a certain customer segment anymore - see their neglect in desktop hardware, which after pressure they are hopefully going to address. The recent macbook pros also only offered tiny iterations in my view.)

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  • Posted to Amazon Echo Look. Selfie Camera and Style Assistant. Your Thoughts?, Apr 26, 2017

    My first impressions:

    • The music and the style made me think it's an April Fool's joke.
    • Would I really want to send my pictures to a corporate cloud where it gets analysed and stored for god knows what purposes.. That depth camera is not just for blurring the background.
    • Accidental nudes anyone?
    • Are we really that vain that we need a dedicated selfie camera?
    • Reminds me of Instagram Husband. - i.e. what real problem is it solving?
    • The video is borderline sexist I think - trying to portray women as these narcissistic creatures that like to prance in front of a camera taking selfies or just care about clothing.
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  • Posted to Made by Nuro (personal portfolio), in reply to Cristian Moisei , Apr 26, 2017

    Just to add another point of view here. I personally love the choice of typeface and not mixing too many styles / weights.

    And what does 'not designed' mean? Design is mainly about problem solving and I presume the goal for the site is to make it easy for readers to consume the information.

    Readability beats trying to go with something that visually might look trendy.

    Listen to this short interview by Erik Spiekermann about the sins of designers trying to use type to make something look good: (enable english captions).

    You have other facets you can tweak to create a personal brand, such as tone of voice or copy.

    In this example, Nuro made it clear that he works hard (but secretly he wants to let the world know he's a designer with a great ass), leaving it a bit ambiguous for the reader.

    Not so corporate in my view.

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  • Posted to ustwo — Digital Product Studio, Apr 26, 2017

    I like that they do both - client work and their own projects, helps to keep the team engaged, if everyone gets a go at it.

    Nice touch to the hamburger menu too... playful.

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  • Posted to Made by Nuro (personal portfolio), in reply to Nuro Azhar , Apr 25, 2017

    A few more comments:

    • What are you trying to say with 'an ass that never quits'? If you google the phrase, it can have several meanings, one includes methane, one includes diarrhea or just having a great ass. I presume you mean you're working hard?

    • Clarification regarding the hover out, e.g. hover over 'Read case study' and then hover out to the left. The colour doesn't revert back.

    • The shadow for the 'Minimal football' cover picture is slightly cut off. PNG needs a bigger crop.

    Btw, digging your logos.

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  • Posted to Made by Nuro (personal portfolio), Apr 25, 2017

    Nice visual design, looks clean and easy to read. However I'm not too sure about the changing of colour when you hover over the projects, felt a bit jarring. White on yellow is also really hard to read. The colour should revert back to the original when you hover out to the left.

    Good work!

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), Apr 19, 2017

    Congrats on launching and keep us posted.

    You need to sort out the SSL warning though - I'm using a chromium based browser. I can imagine it's a big turn off getting that warning the first time you visit the site.

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  • Posted to FREE Webinar - Turn your designs into React components, Apr 18, 2017

    Perfect timing. I was going to get into React for building UI components.

    So yes count me in.


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