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  • Posted to Introducing, Aug 08, 2017

    This looks great - thanks for putting this together.

    Visual design is also great - reminds me very much of Intercom.

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  • Posted to Framer Gradients — Where Color Meets Motion, in reply to Gabriel Sturk , Jul 06, 2017

    Thanks - I saw that, but I was more interested to find out what bit were Framer and which bits weren't.

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  • Posted to Framer Gradients — Where Color Meets Motion, in reply to Jurre Houtkamp , Jul 05, 2017

    So you've done all the motion stuff* in the video in Framer?

    • Bits that are inside and outside of the iPhone shell.
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  • Posted to Stanford Redesign by Stanford Communication and Mule, in reply to Andrew C , Jul 04, 2017

    What would you do differently? What in your view isn't working and why?

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  • Posted to Patreon Rebrands [Rectangle + Circle], Jun 17, 2017

    Not sure what to say really maybe 'What were they thinking?'

    Can someone explain why companies think they have to redesign their logo, even though their existing one is already a strong one and familiar with people already?

    The old Patreon logomark was very recgonisable. Why change it? What was wrong with it?

    No comment on new colours and typeface.

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  • Posted to Kickstart your next design project with Framer Patterns, Jun 15, 2017

    This is awesome - definitely worth the investment.

    Please don't get acquired by any of the big boys and then get shut down (see what happened to Pixate).

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  • Posted to Creating a New Language for Nutrition: McDonald’s Universal Icons for 109 Countries, in reply to Raphael Loder , Jun 04, 2017

    Yes, noticed that. I think my post made it clear I didn't read the study in full and I was mainly commenting on the title.

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  • Posted to Creating a New Language for Nutrition: McDonald’s Universal Icons for 109 Countries, Jun 04, 2017

    Nutrition and McDonalds is an oxymoron.

    I hope at least the icons are or will be open-sourced, so anybody in the food industry can use the symbols.

    Edit: they are made freely available to the food and restaurant industry

    'McDonald’s is sharing the icons with its customers everywhere and has made them freely available for unrestricted use within the restaurant and food industry.'

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  • Posted to DOBERMAN — a design firm, Jun 03, 2017

    You clearly have the visual design chops, but that design doesn't do it for me, mainly because it's hard to consume your content. I understand what look&feel you're trying to go for, but it feels jarring or maybe I'm just not fond of that style.

    Your portfolio sites are in my mind better designed than your own site. Wealth Simple is great - clever use of a theme and it's enjoyable to read.

    Your homepage feels a bit like a mess, seems optimised for touch interfaces and the interactions on the homepage feels like hard work. Changing the navigation with the titles on hover over and the flickering on the homepage - too much to take in and it's annoying. Also why move the navigation when you're on sub pages?

    Now that I've had a look and used your site for a while the two main words that stick in my mind are 'messy' and 'frustrating' to use.

    Not sure who your main target audience is, but it would be worth to do some testing...

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  • Posted to AMA: Framer Team On Framer 2.0, The Complete Product Design Tool, May 31, 2017

    Congrats on the launch. Having basic design and layout capabilities is great and I can see Framer as my only tool now for creating interactive wires / prototypes.

    Please don't be acquired (i.e. see what happened to Pixate) and looking forward to the windows version (I use both OSes).

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