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  • Posted to How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Delivery App Like Postmates?, Nov 12, 2018

    As an Android developer and iOS developer, I can say that from my experience, iOS apps are developed far quicker than Android apps. Testing for all the various Android screen sizes, operating systems and hardware capabilities alone takes 3 to 4 times as long as testing the app on iPhones.

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  • Posted to Obby x Koto rebrand, Jul 31, 2018

    very slow to load for me,design is nice.

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  • Posted to iOS Music Creators and Lovers: FS Refraktor Plugin for Garageband. , in reply to Bent Stamnes , Mar 12, 2018

    I appreciate the feedback! And I totally agree, the Audio Plugins market still feels like its stuck back in 2007, visually at least. As we're developing/designing for touch screens, I'm trying to rethink what an Audio Plugin is- i.e is the dial suitable for touch gestures etc. Have you got any experience in designing Audio Products?

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  • Posted to iOS Music Creators and Lovers: FS Refraktor Plugin for Garageband. , Mar 12, 2018

    I designed the interface and landing page for the app. Would love to get peoples opinions on the design. Its very hard designing Audio Interfaces, imo, but if you guys can think of improvements or want to hear my thinking behind certain things, please comment!

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  • Posted to UX Designers - Should I upgrade to an iMac?, Mar 07, 2018

    Buy a monitor. Keep your costs down. I'm runnning a 2011 iMac and havent felt the need to buy the latest - I rather spend the money on books and resources.

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  • Posted to Do you design with iPhone's TrueTone ON or OFF?, Feb 23, 2018

    It seems that theyre are so many devices with different colour profiles out there, its nearly impossible to get a consistent look across all your devices.

    Referring to your question, I test with it on and off - its not hard to switch between the two - But its something I do last.

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  • Posted to Best mobile app design for On Demand Food Delivery app, Feb 15, 2018

    Doesnt deserve the title 'best'

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  • Posted to new landing page (looking for feedback), in reply to Dominik Serafin , Feb 14, 2018

    No, they didn't - using Safari Version 11.0.3 and Mac OS High Seria

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  • Posted to new landing page (looking for feedback), Feb 13, 2018

    visually its nice.However, I think the bottom cards should be used for navigating between pages, I spent a while trying to figure out how to navigate, and was attempting to click the cards along the bottom to move forward. Also, the animation is fairly distracting. And break down the content a bit more IMO, 4 bullet points per slide max, as most people will just flick through and leave

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