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  • Posted to I'm Halli. AMA., Jul 10, 2019

    How would you approach a ground up rebranding and redesigning of a companies product that is attempting to expand it's customer base>

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  • Posted to Feedback on website design: RegtechTimes, Jul 08, 2019

    it's awful. Stop spamming this site.

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  • Posted to Feedback on website design: Viga Massage, Jul 01, 2019

    start again

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  • Posted to Roast my startup's website design, Jun 25, 2019

    Your content is your product, and yet why are images of your product tiny?. IMO get rid of those central cards, and really show off your app. On first glance, I have no idea what your products offers. The visual design of the site is nice, but the design overall isn't - as its purpose was to inform visitors about your product.

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  • Posted to Bep tu duong co nen mua khong?, May 15, 2019

    bop tong Wong song co nem nam nim long?

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  • Posted to Feedback request for my portfolio , in reply to Ehsan Pourhadi , Apr 18, 2019

    If you want an IG feed, maybe have a separate account exclusively for work. So you upload you in the office, or you with work. or pictures of your work. An IG feed, when done right, can ensure the page visitor that there is an actual person behind this page.

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  • Posted to Force touch and iOS widgets, Apr 18, 2019

    the only time I use force touch on app icons is when I'm bored and I like to feel the haptic engine vibrate.

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  • Posted to Feedback request for my portfolio , Apr 17, 2019

    Do you design laptops or websites? The laptop mockup images you use make it hard to preview your work. Instead, focus on what you're selling (web design) and put the emphasis on that. IMO I'd get rid of the loaptop mockup images and use a mockup image that displays the web design project more if that makes sense. Also, I'm personally not a fan of putting instagram feeds on the site when they mainly consist of selfies - to me this doesn't communicate professionalism.

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