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  • Posted to Minimal Page Transitions with jQuery & CSS, Aug 14, 2017

    I much more prefer the effect of turbolinks.

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  • Posted to How do you prototype a conversational interface such as chatbot?, Mar 02, 2017

    Framer FTW

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  • Posted to Why I have no money to pay my rent today and what you can learn from it., Feb 02, 2017

    Really great post, inspiring! Nice job breaking the cycle.

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  • Posted to SOTD: Uprising, Dec 02, 2016

    2004 called, and wants its 2Advanced clone back...

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  • Posted to Spark Mail for macOS is Here, Dec 01, 2016

    Is it better than Airmail? I kinda love it, but the search is really slow. Is spark better?

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  • Posted to Mega Master Dongle, Nov 11, 2016

    Kickstart it!

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  • Posted to How do you handoff your animation to developers? , Nov 08, 2016

    I use Framer, so I can send them the animation code in CoffeeScript with timing, easing, spring values, etc. They basically just have to copy paste the values.

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  • Posted to The Macbook Pro is a Lie, Nov 07, 2016

    I really don't understand why they ditched the magsafe. It was a really clever, applesque solution. I understand to go USB-C, but why not include 1 traditional USB port? I won't be able to plug in a pendrive to a $2000 laptop without a dongle.

    Seems excessive to me.

    When they ditched the 3,5mm headphone jack from the iPhone, they offered an wireless alternative. I was kinda hoping they'll also introduce some kind of clever wireless dock for legacy ports ;(

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  • Posted to Sketch 40.2, Oct 10, 2016

    This is the first release that causing stability issues for me. The app crashes every time I'm using the mirror function. Sad :(

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer 1.5 out now with new features for UI designers, in reply to Ashley Hewson , Oct 06, 2016

    You did that perfectly! It's just it could be more inspiritational to see better, more polished designs, even if that's not the point. BTW the new features are amazing. Do you plan to have plugins in the near future? I think that's the only feature Sketch has on you right now.

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