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  • Posted to I made this site to compare/contrast design tools. What can I add to make it useful?, Aug 01, 2018

    I made this site because I remember when I was first looking to transition away from Adobe products and I had no idea what the features/prices of each product, so I had to do a bunch of research. I wanted to try to make finding new software easy.

    Now that I've made it I'm not sure what else I should add? Tutorials, review pages for each? I'm at a loss of what to do with it so I'm seeking honest feedback/critique

    Is the idea behind this have any value? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    (Note the site is a little hacked together, especially on mobile, so please forgive me for any thoughtless dev mistakes)

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  • Posted to I built a CSS Duotone Generator to help people make custom duotones for free. Feedback appreciated!, in reply to Paul Nevin , Jul 25, 2018

    I believe its fixed now. I think it was because webkit and gecko browsers treat flex elements height differently.

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  • Posted to I built a CSS Duotone Generator to help people make custom duotones for free. Feedback appreciated!, in reply to Paul Nevin , Jul 25, 2018

    Whoa, I didn't even notice! Thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out

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  • Posted to I built a CSS Duotone Generator to help people make custom duotones for free. Feedback appreciated!, Jul 24, 2018

    Hi! My name is Rick and I built this little tool because I was frustrated trying to build CSS duotones by hand; I always forgot how the markup/css was laid out and doing it by hand means there's not a lot of room for discovery or happy accidents.

    With this tool you can upload your image or use a random one from unsplash (as provided from picsum). Once a photo is selected you can then create your duotone from scratch, choose from a premade one, or randomly generate one.

    The corresponding HTML+CSS can then be copy-pasted directly into your project, or you can open it up in codepen easily so you can save or fiddle with the code.

    There are some bugs that I know about (namely the color input behaves strangely when you're trying to edit a premade selection) but please feel free to log them in the github repo as you see them.

    Thanks for looking!

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  • Posted to PersonaGenerator: Create, share, & print User personas for free | no email required, Feb 06, 2017

    Hey DN,

    My team and I made this tool to quickly create and share User Personas with clients.

    Before we made this tool we would have a meeting with our clients where we'd draft up their users whiteboard style. Once everything was decided we'd then go and drop all the content in a Illustrator template.

    We decided to build this tool when we noticed that clients better respected the User Persona once it was in it's final presentational form, as opposed to written down or in a Google Doc. So with this app we can collaborate to make the final "design artifact" quickly and easily in a live setting.

    If you have any questions/comments/concerns let me know!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Voting Dog, an easy to use real-time voting service., Oct 06, 2015

    Not having any screenshots is a deal breaker for me. How do I know if I want to integrate this into my site or service without knowing how it'll look?

    You mention having multiple themes. Instead of saying that, why not have some screenshots with the ability to toggle between the themes. Live surveys would be better, but a screenshot would do.

    (Note: you could have a live vote going that asks users which theme is their favorite. It prompts user exploration, and you get some free user feedback.)

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  • Posted to On Bootstrap , in reply to Zip Zap , Apr 03, 2015

    Rewriting every rule isn't necessary, you can make small changes to the SASS or LESS settings file that will make the app look very different looking from vanilla Bootstrap/Foundation.

    What happens though is that a lot of places, particularly those with a strong Dev focus, elect not to invest time doing so.

    You can build highly customized and well designed sites with bootstrap, it just requires effort (arguably less then starting from scratch).

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  • Posted to Whats your HTML/CSS workflow like...? Sass or Less? Tools you use...?, Oct 03, 2014

    I use Sass exclusively for my css. The benefits of using a css-preprocessor far outweighs what little disadvantages exist.

    Like another user mentioned, I also have a main Sass file (styles.scss) then a series of child Sass files (_home-page.scss) included in the main file using the @import function to better organize my code.

    I'm no developer, but I made the switch to using the command line instead of a GUI like SourceTree to manage my repos and commits. It has a high learning curve at first, but once you learn the text commands it's much faster then using a 'point and click' application.

    When I was doing php work I used MAMP to launch a virtual server, but my company primarily does rails projects so I typically just launch a rails server in the command line. For my personal projects; which are vanilla HTML, SASS, and JS; I'll just deploy a simple python server in the command line.

    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

    I use Sublime Text 3 with a bunch of packages installed as my text editor.

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