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  • Posted to IT Governance Framework: Roadmap To Competitive Advantages, Jul 06, 2021

    IT is a business asset gaining importance in every industry, especially in light of the proliferation of new technologies. But implementing IT systems alone cannot provide strategic value. IT performance needs to be consistent with stated objectives, benefit businesses, and mitigate risks.

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    Do you use a business model canvas? Get practical advice on how to describe business concept examples and analyze real-life business models.

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  • Posted to How to Choose a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage, Apr 13, 2021

    A HIPAA compliant Cloud storage has to meet a lot of privacy requirements. Here’s a guide to finding a HIPAA-compliant vendor.

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  • Posted to Differences Between Relational and Non-Relational Database, Nov 10, 2020

    The choice between relational and non-relational databases depends on your project’s priorities and team skills. Let’s take a deeper look at relational database vs. non-relational one, and work through their main principles and structure.

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  • Posted to How to Start and Complete Data Quality Management, Nov 06, 2020

    Today, data lies at the core of most business processes. Sites and applications process users’ information to provide better services, give personalized insights, form predictions, and make responsible decisions. In this guide, you can find data quality definition, the challenges of data quality management, and find a way to solve them. You’ll know which data can be considered high-quality and will be able to eliminate the poor-quality files.

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  • Posted to Enterprise Data Warehouse: Concepts, Architecture, and Components, Oct 27, 2020

    Enterprise data warehouse architecture is a system and repository that stores and manages data from multiple storages. The warehouse collects data from multiple systems and integrates them into a single facility.

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  • Posted to How to create a social media app, Oct 09, 2020

    Nowadays, the number of social media apps downloads is higher than any other application type. Are you ready to learn how top apps are made?

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  • Posted to Design for Culture & Sustainability, Oct 01, 2020

    Thank you for interesting article.

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  • Posted to Agile vs. Waterfall: What Is the Difference?, Sep 25, 2020

    I know that you can combine and merge these two methodologies in different ways if you realize that the pure Agile or pure Waterfall cannot fulfill your needs. However, I am interested in the critical difference between these methodologies. Who knows?

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  • Posted to Fitbit Sense review: Ambitious to a fault, Sep 25, 2020

    Familiar sophisticated design If you've been paying attention to Fitbit over the past few years, Sense will sound very familiar to you. It's not precisely an exact copy of the Versa, but it is very similar, with a more rounded design but still boxy. It is slightly larger than Versa 2, but identical in Versa 3 (40.48 x 40.48 x 12.35 mm). The Versa 2 mechanical button has been replaced with an inductive button, giving the Sense a sleek, one-piece aesthetic.

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