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Onur Yavuz

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  • Posted to Here are top designer accounts to follow on medium, Mar 07, 2016

    Thanks mate! Just followed all of them. I think DN community might give some suggestions to expand the list. Anyone?

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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Julian Lengfelder , Jun 15, 2015

    Nice to hear that :) Happy listening!

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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Fernando Palacios Dueso , Jun 15, 2015

    Thanks for the lovely words! :)

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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Edwin de Jongh , Jun 15, 2015

    Hey Edwin, thanks for letting me know. Just left my email and waiting for the access. Are you somehow related with cliperize ? If so, I'd love to connect and share thoughts.


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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Mattan Ingram , Jun 15, 2015

    Hey Mattan,

    This was exactly what I was doing, for a long time. That's why, I came up with idea of creating an extension for music. Simple bookmarking approach works for audio content where the source URL is provided, services like Soundcloud or Youtube.

    Our extension also works on services like Pandora or 8tracks, where the source URL is not provided. In this case, as you click the save button, we search for the song on available sources like Youtube or Deezer, and add it to your library. Next time, you’ll be able to listen to this track in your cubic.fm library, without ever switching to Pandora.

    If you want a direct access, I'd be more than happy to provide that. Just drop me an email on : onur@cubic.fm.

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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Julian Lengfelder , Jun 15, 2015

    Hey Julian, just sent you the invitation, check your inbox! :)

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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), in reply to Jeff Escalante , Jun 15, 2015

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for asking. Actually, the idea of streaming multiple sources on the same player is in the focus of many emerging music startups. While the general idea about the drawbacks of fragmentation in online music is towards broken music sharing, we believe that the major problem is on the consumption side. That's why we focus more on personal library building which maximizes this player's value add by helping users effortlessly centralise their data. And instead of asking you to change your listening experience, we wanted to be WITH you in your experience. That’s what our Chrome extension is for.

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  • Posted to URL is the new MP3 (?), Jun 14, 2015

    Hey DN, I'm one of the co-founders at https://cubic.fm.

    Here is the demo video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd7cGUSKMRM

    cubic.fm is for all those who discover music all around the web; on Youtube, on Soundcloud, on Pandora, on their Facebook feed, on a music blog… cubic.fm extension gives you a “save” button wherever you come across new sounds. One click will add them to your personal library.

    Easily add tracks from different music services. cubic.fm finds the best available sources, and lets you stream all on the same player.

    The extension currently works on 20+ websites including Facebook, Shazam, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pandora, 8tracks, HypeM, Beatport Pro, Reddit and any blog with embedded audio content. The cubic.fm player can stream content from Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Youtube and Soundcloud.

    cubic.fm is currently on private beta, but I'd love to give you guys an early access, just drop me an email : onur@cubic.fm


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