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  • Posted to How to Write Good UX Microcopy (40 pro-tips), May 20, 2020

    Hey folks on DN,

    I know there are some smarter cookies than me on here.

    If you think I missed a tip or that a tip is simply wacky, then let me know in the comments.

    Thanks kind sirs and madames.

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  • Posted to “The title ‘Front-End Developer’ is obsolete.”, in reply to ChrisArchitec t , May 02, 2020

    "bUT fRontENd JuST mEaNs HtmL ANd CsS"

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  • Posted to UX Design Pro Tips for Data-Driven Apps, May 02, 2020

    hey DN, so I put together best practices for designing data-driven, enterprise apps.

    I tried to be as complete as I could, but I may have missed a good point or two.

    So, if you have experience building enterprise apps and have your own additional insights, then I'd love to hear it :)

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