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  • Posted to Show DN: An SCSS-based design system springboard , Oct 15, 2018

    you can mess with this in this codepen and use the cheatsheet to see whats possible.

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  • Posted to How can I develop my "design eye"?, in reply to Matt C , Oct 08, 2018

    piggybacking further (the irony is not lost), building out intricate mood boards is also a good skill to cultivate and is related to this. Being able to understand the consistencies and relationship between very different imagery can help you develop the vocabulary around why those those images work together. Learning how to see means really analyzing and breaking down other great work.

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  • Posted to React is for Designers, in reply to Jan Zheng , Aug 29, 2018

    just chiming in with a +1 vue over anything else currently as well. It feels way more accessible as a designer who's not super familiar with js but otherwise still does regular front-end code writing.

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  • Posted to How do you manage your "internal team wiki" or company guidelines?, Aug 23, 2018

    Basecamp does a nice guy publishing all of that in a handbook repo.

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  • Posted to Visual Idiot retires from the industry, Aug 17, 2018

    This is a bummer to read. I hope people don't just equate this to typical burnout that might come from otherwise healthy work but from the toxicity the internet can be. We individually contribute to that either actively or passively. As a community, we didn't do enough to make her feel welcome and that's on us.

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  • Posted to Is this spec work?, in reply to Alex Hoffman , Aug 06, 2018

    I only ask because the only time I've ever received useful valuable feedback on work I've done has been on work done for someone else (which makes sense, it's the work I was able to genuinely prioritize and think about as well as work on in a real environment instead of a hypothetical vacuum).

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  • Posted to Is this spec work?, in reply to Alex Hoffman , Aug 06, 2018

    genuinely asking, what kind of feedback would an employer give to newly created work they couldn't also give to existing portfolio work?

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  • Posted to Is this spec work?, Aug 06, 2018

    when someone starts to provide designer services without compensation in the hopes that they might get compensated in the future, it becomes spec work. Generally I don't like creating new things when interviewing places but as long as it takes me an hour or less I don't mind too much.

    With that said, part of why I don't like doing it is because it doesn't give a whole lot of insight as to how valuable that designer is. Divorced from any real context (biz requirements, user feedback, collaborating with other designers, real-world process), theres no way to gauge the quality of design decisions.

    To me, a useful design exercise would be one that tries to emulate a real-world environment as closely as possible. For example, you could create a hypothetical situation in which X business is running into Y problem and is strongly considering Z feature/approach to alleviating that problem. You could then ask the designer what questions they would seek answers to and why those questions are important. How would that inform their design process? At that point you're able to talk about design decisions/process/flow in a more illuminating way.

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  • Posted to Create your design system, part 2: Grid & Layout, in reply to Mark Vog , Jul 25, 2018

    They're not mutually exclusive.

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  • Posted to Sidemake - Side-Projects from makers with day-jobs at top tech companies, in reply to Beto de Castro Moreira , May 17, 2018

    I agree this seems short-sighted. I work at a pretty big company but I wouldn't want my side-project associated with where I work since they're completely unrelated things. This also shuts people out who may be talented but don't have access to these companies (or take issue with them ethically).

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