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  • Posted to Your website is (probably) too cluttered. Here's why you need to fix it., Jun 20, 2017

    I think this usually happens when insecure stakeholders think their offerings appear "too simple" or "not powerful" and thus don't look like other "real" websites (like Amazon) that have tons of stuff going on.

    The other more common aspect is probably that the strategies compete over the life of a design, thus everything ends up vying for eyeballs.

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  • Posted to 20 Book Recommendations by Dribbble’s Top Designers, Jun 19, 2017

    Maybe just me, but studying psychology or evolutionary biology as a means to improve one's design skills always gave me an icky feeling.

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  • Posted to New Headspace app/website, Jun 16, 2017

    Always have been impressed with their work. Fun but not cheesy, and always maintains a secular, populist and friendly approach to the product without the usual cliches associated with meditation (bells, wind chimes, synths.)

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  • Posted to Airbnb Vacation - Seamless Trip Planning Done Right, Jun 16, 2017

    I'd be interested in how a mobile/responsive version of this plays out, because a lot of this looks tough to address in that context.

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  • Posted to iMac Pro, in reply to Cory Malnarick , Jun 07, 2017

    I think I'm biased towards some of the things they were doing in the late 2000s, which seemed more clever in using grids, careful typography, and iconography. They felt very "print-like." In terms of current designs, I think the tvOS page and a few other Apple TV pages are vastly better than the newer stuff as well. Thanks for asking, by the way.

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  • Posted to Apple HomePod, Jun 06, 2017

    Cool, can I think at it?


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  • Posted to iMac Pro, in reply to Cory Malnarick , Jun 06, 2017

    I'll try to put it this way: I think there's a quality of creativity/magic/imagination completely missing, which seems at odds with a premium product that is supposed to fuel these kinds of concepts. I also think San Francisco as a typeface feels really forced here.

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  • Posted to iMac Pro, Jun 05, 2017

    I do remember a time that I was inspired by their web design, but those days are clearly over.

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  • Posted to If you’re reading this, you probably don’t do hard work, Jun 02, 2017

    Yeah, I've always wondered exactly what "hard work" is. I tend to think I work hard when I'm switching gears and staying busy, but no, I'm not picking lettuce. It seems like such a relative thing too, since you can compare any kind of labor to something infinitely worse, like, I don't know, the Gulag.

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