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  • Posted to Portfolio Rework Part 1: Animation, Micro interaction & SVG, Feb 28, 2019

    Geoffrey explains how he built some of the really cool micro-interactions you can see on my: blog and portfolio :)

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  • Posted to Photoshop CC Artboards & Guides, in reply to Robert Paige , Apr 27, 2016

    No it does not since you can't use old Photoshop extension in the new version .

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  • Posted to Let's ask Adobe for SVG direct import / placement support in Photoshop shall we? , in reply to Mattan Ingram , Apr 07, 2015

    To make this clear, I'm not asking Photoshop to be able to edit SVGs like Illustrator does, simply to be able to embed them natively (like it can do with PNG, AI files, etc.) like any other "image" format without the need to open them in AI, copy paste as smart objet in PS. As simple as that.

    I agree that we should not push Photoshop too far and won't yell at your don't worry :D And would love to do most my designs in AI, but not sure that front-devs are ready ^

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  • Posted to HTML and CSS, - How can Learn them fast? , Feb 19, 2015

    Short answer, you can't "learn them fast". Sorry. It's like if you were asking "how can I learn to create nice webdesigns fast", it takes time, effort, practice and some errors. Hugo wrote a nice article about some "CSS tricks" that could frustrate beginners : it's a good start. Plus for parallax you'll also need JS :) could also help to go back to the basics ?

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  • Posted to Stocksnap, a collection of stock photos under CC0 licence, in reply to Dan Cortes , Feb 18, 2015

    I usually use those kind of sites when I need images for a conference, or to illustrate an article. Not sure if I would use them for a client, but maybe if she has no budget

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  • Posted to Delighting Users Through CSS Animation Techniques - conf slides and demos, in reply to Mitch Malone , Feb 02, 2015

    I think that au contraire, you summarized it pretty well :) Animations, by themselves don't create delight. Otherwise we would all still love those flash things we now hate. But useful animations on the top of a well thought interface can add this touch of uniqueness, of polish that tell the user "those people really put some efforts to add those extra steps and make a unique product". The different functions of animations can be cumulated (should be?), and an animation will never bring pleasure if it does not fit the interface and has a real purpose. I've never observed an animations and told myself "now I'm delighted" as well, it's more an like unconscious process when all the animations fit together that bring delight when using the product. It's really hard to get everything that was say during the conference by simply looking at a slidedeck tough, I might not have been clear enough in the wording I chose to put on the slides :/

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  • Posted to Is anyone else offended by 'indianred' in CSS4 Color?, in reply to Bill Columbia , Jan 22, 2015

    Kudos for that, I'm offended by how crazy and totally not intuitive parts of the flexbox properties are named ^

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  • Posted to A challenge to all DN users, in reply to Rachel White , Nov 26, 2014

    Yes, seriously :) I did not say that she was wrong, neither did I say that there is no problem in our industry, au contraire. I only wanted more detailed information on the topic, as a woman who tries to not bee scared to express herself on the internet (and yes I agree this is really hard)

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  • Posted to A challenge to all DN users, in reply to Anna Niess , Nov 26, 2014

    Thanks a lot for the detailed reply Anna. I'm well aware of this "non women friendly" culture on the internet, got myself bullied on social networks a couple of times. But I really try to not let it stop me from commenting, having nice discussions. It's sometimes hard to not let them stop you from commenting and tweeting, but I try to do my best :/

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  • Posted to A challenge to all DN users, in reply to Anna Niess , Nov 25, 2014

    "Message boards, comments sections, and social media can be pretty terrifying places for women." => As a female designer who comments on DN and other social networks, I'd like to know why you think it's terrifying for us. Is there any kind of study ? I'd be really interested in.

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