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  • Posted to Single designers in teams, how do you get design mentorship or coaching?, Mar 20, 2017

    Local design meetups, hackathons and conferences are a great way to find mentors. That's how I met one of my mentors, and that's also how she found hers.

    I also wouldn't limit yourself to just designers. Remember that UI/UX design is not just visual design :) I've worked with PMs who are just as good as my design mentors. Even though they lacked design skills, they had years of experience working with designers. Through them I've learned some product strategy, how to collaborate better with developers, research, technical writing, etc.

    Mentorship is a two way street. Just the other day, I showed my PM what a user journey is and how to create a user flow using LucidCharts. People in early stage startups usually wear multiple hats. This is your chance of mentoring others too.

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  • Posted to Adrian Frutiger, 1928 — September 12, 2015. RIP, Sep 14, 2015

    His typefaces have been my favourite go-to fonts for most of my design career. We lost a great one.

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  • Posted to Should I use sketch for wireframing?, Sep 14, 2015

    I use Sketch for wireframing. Sketch + Marvel (for interactive prototyping) = awesomeness

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Dynamic website for musician, any solution without CMS?, Apr 06, 2015

    What happens after the website is created? Will you be responsible for managing the website and making sure everything is up-to-date? If not, do you know if anyone in the band knows how to code? If not, I would avoid Jekyll and go with a CMS. I know a lot of bands who use for their websites. It's free, easy to maintain.. it does the job for what your friend needs. Further down the road, you should look into SquareSpace and Bandzoogle if the band wants to have an online store, set up digital downloads, and other features.

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  • Posted to Let's see your website/portfolio., Feb 05, 2015

    I revamped mine last week. Here it is! This was created on WordPress using the Doctype Theme.

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  • Posted to What do you use to create animated gifs for Dribbble?, in reply to M. Appelman , Feb 05, 2015

    Lots of video game designers I know create their visual assets on Flash.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Experience with coworking spaces?, in reply to Jamie Wilson , Aug 29, 2014

    That's true. One of our previous members runs an e-commerce agency that I now work for :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Experience with coworking spaces?, Aug 27, 2014

    I've had good and bad experience. It depends on the size of the space and what kind of people work there. My last coworking space had a lot of people and random drop-ins.. it was distracting and not for me. My current coworking space is smaller (6 members) and it's great. Everyone here is an illustrator except for me. It would be nice to have some graphic/web designers here that I can collaborate or share resources with : \

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