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  • Posted to Ask DN: Can you share your web design workflow in-depth?, Aug 20, 2015

    Idk if i'm a pro, but i've been doing web design for almost 5 years and work as a Front End Designer.

    Briefly, I find it easiest to start with what the project is, who it's for, what needs to be there.

    • I'll usually make a list of pages I feel should be on the site, and from there break each page down into what content should be on it.

    • After some trial and error, i'll sketch out with pen/pencil a few rough mocks of each page until i'm happy with placement.

    • Then depending on what my client and I agreed on, i'll deliver some Hi-Fi mocks (designed in Photoshop, usually also when I mess with color schemes/typefaces), and we'll go over them together.

    • Once they're happy, i'll code it up, generally without any bells and whistles at first, jsut so they can see how it feels to interact with it.

    • if everything is still a go, i'll hunker down and flesh out the rest

    Might have missed a step or two in there but generally I find this works for my work style, and that's what it really comes down to, What works best for you. Hope that helped a bit! Interested to hear what others have to say.

    Cheers, Jack

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  • Posted to I'm a Web Designer who just became fairly comfortable with jQuery and JavaScript, however I don't know where to start, Aug 17, 2015

    Thank you everyone for all the responses! I really appreciate it. I will for sure keep learning and check out the resources you've linked. I'll hopefully have a progress update in the next few weeks (fingers crossed!)

    Thanks again

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  • Posted to What do you use to listen to podcasts?, Apr 28, 2015

    Note: I'm on an iPhone 6+

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