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  • Posted to Why is version control for designers premium?, Apr 18, 2018

    Basic version control is absolutely available to designers for free, but its utility is very limited. That is because version control for design source files is a much bigger challenge than version control for text files (that is essentially what developers' source files are). Multiple companies are working on a solution which can work as a companion for Sketch, some are working on extensions to git for its easier use with source files of different design apps. Some new tools are having it build in, functionality varies though. Basic level is what essentially Sketch does via integration to your Time Machine. I would like to add, that version control for developers isn't always free, you can set up your git or basic github account for free, but if you need those collaboration, continuous integration and other such stuff you're not gonna get those for free.

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  • Posted to Component Architecture in Figma, Mar 14, 2018

    Can't upvote this enough.

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, would you find this tool useful or utterly pointless?, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Mar 06, 2018

    Not really, no. In general I prefer to avoid this kind of approach (asking team what they prefer) at all. I'd rather collect feedback in-person (either really in-person or via DM) early on when it's still sketches, and look for what would work (and why), what would not, what limitations that I'm not aware of may exist etc.

    Then by the time it really is a finished mockup everyone in the team knows why everything is the way it is. Style choices may still arise, but they should be limited to design team.

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, would you find this tool useful or utterly pointless?, Mar 06, 2018

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  • Posted to Design tool recommendations for in-house designers using Windows machines, Jan 30, 2018

    Figma is good enough already to be a full-time Sketch replacement.

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  • Posted to What are your thoughts on Kickstarter's revamp?, Nov 22, 2017
    • Now you can't see if you have new activity notifications from the projects you backed. Previously it was indicated by green dot on top of user profile picture, now the only way to know is actually expend the menu, look for the “Activity” link and see if it's bold or not.
    • Lines, lines everywhere (except in places where layout could actually use them). They are more prominent than the content in some cases.
    • There's no contrast, no focus, no system to what's interactive and what's not (i.e. similar text styles applied to static text and tab links on the homepage).

    As far as redesigns go this one's horrendous.

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  • Posted to 10 Free Tools to Inspire Color Choices For Your Website, Nov 21, 2017

    The best color tool is Colorxeha, hands down. Sadly it rarely gets the spotlight or even mention.

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  • Posted to Dribbble is dying. Whats next? , in reply to Jim Silverman , Oct 09, 2017

    iOS app no one asked for or wanted

    If it was so there wouldn't be dozens unofficial apps.

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  • Posted to Which mouse do you use for designing on Mac?, Sep 19, 2017

    Razer Abyssus has a perfect shape and amazing precision. The only complaint is that you have to open it to cut the fucking LED off.

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  • Posted to New portfolio website, Mar 06, 2017

    It just feels really weird when video goes to freeze frame at the end. Some idle animation would be much nicer.

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