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  • Posted to Realtimeboard is now MIRO, Mar 08, 2019

    I thought everybody agreed that the Dropbox rebrand was terrible, so why are brands copying that aesthetic??

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  • Posted to Site Design: Portfolio of Bethany Heck, Feb 27, 2019

    I just can't get behind the current trend of combining serif and sans serif fonts in the same sentence. I also didn't realize her site contained work samples.

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  • Posted to Specify - All-in-one tool for design systems, in reply to Andy Shaw , Feb 06, 2019

    Yeah it's a little too close for comfort compared to those two sites, IMO. I searched around this landing page to see if this was actually a tool created by another company that shares the same style. It does look nice, though.

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  • Posted to What's your process for hiring designers?, in reply to Josiah D , Jan 30, 2019

    Thanks for the response! Completely agree about asking for design tests/projects. Viewing their work, hearing their process and how they think about design should be enough to make a decision. Do you think a short in-person whiteboarding session is valuable?

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  • Posted to DN needs a captcha on the comments section?, in reply to Davey Holler , Oct 11, 2018

    Don't give them any ideas.

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  • Posted to Need some advice, starting a new stage in my life. , in reply to Selv Grimm , Aug 31, 2018

    Completely agree with this. As a freelancer, my mantra has been, "Do what you do best - outsource the rest."

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  • Posted to I'm Spenser, your new community manager!, Jul 06, 2018

    Forgive me for being skeptical, but how did you get this position? I see you have a pretty limited post history and your Twitter only goes back to March. Your website and Dribbble don't show any work, and you've described yourself as a junior designer, so I'm curious why we should trust that you'll help the community?

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  • Posted to Atomic by Baron Fig, May 30, 2018

    I feel like the ~cOoL nOtEbOoK~ trend from the early 2010s is over.

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  • Posted to Type site for Airbnb Cereal, May 30, 2018

    Must be nice to have a design team big enough to put something like this together. Was there not enough work to do on the actual Airbnb site/app?

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  • Posted to What the hell happened with DN?, in reply to Aaron D , May 24, 2018

    Andrew Wilkinson craves power and control. He loves that he controls these sites and has the power to do nothing with them.

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