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  • Posted to Please critique: Prototyping with React + Framer, Jul 11, 2019

    Hey DN!

    This is our latest work and I'd really appreciate your feedback, both the site design and the course itself!

    Personally I think this is a solid step up from my last submission, but what do you think?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • Posted to MacBook Pro (now with 8 cores), in reply to Gavin Anthony , May 23, 2019

    yup, the keyboard really sucks... Funny enough, I had to use a software solution to mitigate it since I can't afford to live without MBP for a few days for repairs...

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  • Posted to React/Framer Summer Challenge, in reply to Suzanne Lettink , May 23, 2019

    If you join, you'll be able to watch a recording if the timezone doesn't work. I just wanted to incentivize people to join and learn sooner, instead of leaning back and thinking "I'll watch it later" but forget about it a day later.

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  • Posted to React/Framer Summer Challenge, May 21, 2019

    Hey DN,

    I'm super pumped to announce this!

    This is a one-of-a-kind event to learn new skills, win cool prizes and network with fellow designers. And it's FREE! You don't even need to buy a Framer license.

    It's a great way to get started on coding as a designer -- even if you are not interested in Framer. I'll carefully select JS/React topics that are necessary for your daily work, and teach in a visual way to help you understand and remember. The direct goal is to build cool micro interactions and prototypes. The content is curated and tailored for you and only you, designers!


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  • Posted to The Framer (Playground) Toggle course is here!, May 10, 2019

    Hey DN,

    I've poured 100+ hours into this course, a 2-hour scenic guide with 8 exercises helping you retain what you'd learn. I think it's going to save you at least a few hours of searching when you explore the wonderful new world of Framer Playground.

    One small step at a time, you'll build this beautiful toggle and learn API details, time-saving tips and workflow setup. I think you are gonna love it!


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  • Posted to Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle, in reply to Pedro Laguna , Apr 15, 2019

    Thanks Pedro and Peedu!

    I'm curious what computer/browser are you using? I have multiple instances of the page open on my 2017 MBP. The CPU usage seems reasonable and the fan hasn't turned on yet. Also editing the style attribute is a standard approach used in popular production-quality animation libraries, such as react-spring, GSAP and Popmotion (the Framer library is actually based on Popmotion). CSS animation is great but it lacks the flexibility.

    That being said, keep in mind that this new Framer library is still in beta and I suspect there's still room for improvement.

    I directly used the code from Framer to show a point. This is going to be a popular workflow in the very near future -- a great one for sure. In fact, I believe that's why Framer is working on this new API which is powered by a production-quality animation library. Because the vision really is to transfer what you'd build in a design tool directly to production.

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  • Posted to Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle, in reply to Eric Chu , Apr 12, 2019

    Thanks Eric! At least the cloud is moving slower now. I'll do some more improvements over the next few days. :)

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  • Posted to Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle, Apr 12, 2019

    Hey DN,

    I'd love some feedback on the design of this page. I'm a developer, not a designer. So although I'm pretty happy about the general look of this page, I'm wondering what you guys pros think? Color selection, fonts, layout, use of whitespace, or anything else. Any feedback is appreciated!

    Some background:

    • This page is primarily designed/implemented in Framer X in a workflow I briefed at this webinar.
    • It's based on GatsbyJS, styled-system and rebass
    • Designing with a design system feels really productive and effective, even for a simple landing page like this.
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  • Posted to Webinar: Design Systems in Framer X, Mar 07, 2019

    Hey DN,

    For the past few weeks I've been doing all kinds of experimentations regarding design systems in Framer X. I think I've got some useful findings.

    Looking forward to sharing with you soon!

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  • Posted to Parallax - Framer X module for prototyping advanced scroll interactions, Jan 24, 2019

    So here's the components used at today's webinar. Still in beta but hopefully it's already useful!

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