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  • Posted to Exploding 3D Objects with Three.js, Mar 26, 2019

    That website is amazing. The animations spun up the fan on my MacBook Pro so hard I thought it would take off, but still, seriously good work. Must have taken ages.

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  • Posted to Best Monitor under 500 dollars, in reply to Dhanish Chhajer , Mar 26, 2019

    Got a 21" Dell Ultrasharp a couple of years ago and I'm still very happy with it. Was and probably still is the best monitor for design under £200 ($265).

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  • Posted to Does anyone have experience, good or bad, buying Refurbished Apple products?, Mar 25, 2019

    All of my Apple products for the last 20 years have been refurbished or second hand. Would recommend it to anyone. The only difference, as far as I can see, is that the box it comes in is a little less fancy.

    Most recently I bought an Apple refurbished top-of-the-range 2015 MacBook Pro at almost half the price than the newest version would have been. And it's got a good keyboard.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Live visitor stats for all your websites on a single screen, Mar 06, 2019

    Nice idea, but that forced newsletter signup is obnoxious.

    By connecting your GA account you agree to join our newsletter. But no worries, you can opt out anytime :)

    I'd rather not be opted in at all thanks.

    It's probably not GDPR compliant either, as opt-in consent has to be unbundled from other terms and conditions.

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  • Posted to Consider (a new email client in development), Mar 04, 2019

    Yikes, another acquihire in the making.

    Creating an email client seems to be a great way to get hired by a major tech company: Mailbox got bought by Dropbox, Sparrow by Google, Astro by Slack. Who's up next? Apple? Facebook? InVision?*

    Plus $14 per month is optimistic for a fancy front-end to Gmail.

    *If they do, it'll look great, but each email takes five minutes to load.

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  • Posted to Don’t get clever with login forms, Feb 21, 2019

    It's a bit 'get off my lawn', this article.

    Login forms in modals can provide a better UX as you can login on the current page, rather than clicking away to somewhere else. As long as there is still a URL-accessible login page somewhere.

    And magic link auth can be smoother and more secure than using a password. Nothing to remember, reuse or forget. No being held hostage to the website's often crappy security policies.*

    It outsources security to the user's inbox, but then so does password auth. A password reset email is just as vulnerable as a magic link email.

    *It's infuriating, the number of websites I encounter where I can't use a strong generated password due to some bullshit rule. Seriously, no symbols in a password? Character limit? What??

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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, Feb 13, 2019

    Good grief. How do they have so much money to do everything except improve their core product?

    Invision is dog slow and has been for years. Certainly not going to try Studio or whatever else until they can load a bundle of PNGs in a browser in a reasonably performant way.

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  • Posted to Pentagram Case Study on the Slack Rebrand, in reply to Ola Laurin , Jan 18, 2019

    Yeah that's embarrassingly bad. 1996 called and wanted its logo back. Might as well include a stock photo of someone in a suit surfing on a keyboard, tie flapping in the wind, to complete the look.

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  • Posted to New personal portfolio site, in reply to Ken Em , Nov 26, 2018

    Oops. Fixed. Thanks for the spot!

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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, in reply to Manny Larios , Nov 01, 2018

    Working Copy is excellent for version control and has a pretty good code editor built-in. I used it to develop my website. It's a Jekyll site hosted on Netlify, so all I need to do is push a commit and the site is automatically rebuilt and pushed live within a few seconds. It's a bit slower than running a local dev server but not by much.

    Coda has a good code editor, as well as excellent terminal and S/FTP capabilities. I use it regularly to maintain and update existing sites. As soon as they add version control support it'll become my primary web dev tool on the iPad.

    DraftCode provides a full PHP/MySQL environment, so it's possible to develop and run PHP CMS' like Wordpress locally.

    Pythonista provides a Python environment, so it's possible to run an interactive shell and develop locally with Flask and SQLite. I even managed to get Django working, though it wasn't possible to use PostgreSQL.

    ReScript provides a NodeJS runtime for all your Javascript needs.

    I really want a Ruby environment on iOS to develop Jekyll & Rails locally, but nothing seems to be out there yet.

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