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  • Posted to The Portfolio of Nathan Riley, in reply to Jan Semler , Nov 15, 2017

    I don't think there is anything wrong with trying new technologies and fun ideas with your personal portfolio. If anything, this is the perfect opportunity for that level of play. He is the client in this case and this is what the client wanted.

    Let loose a bit.

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  • Posted to Lottie Without After Effects, Nov 08, 2017

    How long is the wait to gain access to the private preview? This looks like an awesome tool

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  • Posted to Designed by Engineer, Oct 20, 2017

    Should coders design?

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  • Posted to The math behind SVG gooey effect, Oct 18, 2017

    I should have paid more attention in math class...

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  • Posted to Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js, Sep 23, 2017

    Wow!! This is a pretty big move from Facebook. They should have done this initially but it's still very good to see.

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  • Posted to Introducing, Aug 08, 2017

    I read thru the Design leadership book a couple weeks ago. It's a good read. I definitely recommend the read. Thanks for putting this stuff together. Great work.

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  • Posted to We're looking for a free option to document brand guidelines, Jun 15, 2017

    You might look into KSS or Brad Frost's styleguide guide.

    There is a node implementation of KSS which works really nicely. KSS Node

    and the styleguide guide which is a jekyll solution.

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  • Posted to Awesome Design Systems, Jun 07, 2017 might be of interest to you.

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  • Posted to What are the user benefits to update the URL in a map-based search?, May 25, 2017

    Edge case here... Depending on how you handle the URL and the purpose of your application, you could use the URL to serve map tiles within other applications.

    For example, I work on an app that allows you to color correct and stitch together multiple satellite images into a seamless basemap. The tile URL we provide (which updates on user input) can then be used as the basemap within other application such as or

    I'm over simplifying of course, but that is the general idea.

    I would say that for the most part, the primary purpose a user would have for interacting with the URL within a mapping application is to share. You wouldn't want the everyday user to have to change parameters in the URL when they could just as easily do it in the UI.

    It's late right now, but if you have any questions about mapping applications in general, feel free to hit me up. I work with them every day.

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