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  • Posted to What tools you use for UX research?, in reply to Paul Armstrong , Nov 07, 2020

    Thank you for the doc you shared! It is a great resource. I am just wondering - do you update it from time to time? I recently came across UXtweak and I am currently testing it out.Have you come across it?

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  • Posted to What tools you use for UX research?, in reply to Juan Rafael Lopez , Nov 07, 2020

    thanks, will try

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  • Posted to What are some of the best remote usability testing tools in 2020?, Nov 07, 2020

    I tried multiple remote research tools and I stuck with UXtweak for unmoderated testing and I use it for moderated testing as well but in combination with google meet or Zoom - this combination works nicely for me and I save a ton of money by only needing one tool.

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  • Posted to New online user testing and usability platform on the market, Dec 17, 2019

    The start-up that I believe will be interesting for fellow UX/UI designers, UX researchers and usability testers. The platform offers online unmoderated task-oriented UX studies, user recordings with advanced filters in search, tree testing, card sorting, prototype testing(BETA). It also has solutions for recruiting real users on your website and reward feature to motivate them. And a lot more planned for next year. Please, check it out. Any feedback and tips for our platform and how to get it out to the world will be very appreciated.

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