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  • Posted to Playbook: like StackOverflow, but for design, in reply to Timothy Turner , Apr 05, 2018

    UX StackExchange tends towards more objective, fine-grained design issues (typically UI design issues) —if you see the list of recent questions, you'll see things like "pencil icon for create vs. edit."

    Playbook positions itself as "actionable career advice," which is not at all what StackExchange provides in my experience. The questions are much more about process, workflows, advice.

    So I think the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer. I've found both sites useful, but they're quite different in terms of subject matter.

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  • Posted to Announcing Haiku’s public launch — motion design for iOS, Android, & Web, Feb 01, 2018

    Super exciting to see tools like this—will check this out ASAP.

    Are you aiming for feature parity with Lottie?

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  • Posted to For remote workers in agile teams: how do your team do retros?, Jan 26, 2018

    I'd recommend Mural for sticky notes and 'whiteboarding lite.' It's super smooth and easy to learn.

    I'd also recommend emphasizing the need for advance preparation (honestly, this should be important for any meeting but becomes glaringly obvious with remote teams) and asynchronous updates (not everything has to be done at the same time in the same room—figure out what does and doesn't need real-time collaboration).

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  • Posted to What is a Web Designer really?, in reply to Marcel van Werkhoven , Jan 11, 2018


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  • Posted to Want to learn CSS Grid? Here’s my free full-length course. Merry Christmas!, in reply to Emanuel Serbanoiu , Dec 28, 2017

    Agreed. Thanks for this!

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  • Posted to Framer shares a first look at their all-new screen design tool, in reply to Krijn Rijshouwer , Dec 14, 2017

    Has there been thought in Framer Studio around statefulness and component libraries? I feel like Figma and Subform are innovating in these areas.

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  • Posted to Paytm asking for spec work :), in reply to Ken M (No, not that one) , Dec 07, 2017

    I think the point of the post is to warn against this company, not to promote it.

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  • Posted to Slack, Aug 25, 2017

    Feels very inspired by Shopify's illustration style. The serif typeface also feels kind of strange, but that might be because I'm used to the actual app branding.

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  • Posted to Website Launch Checklist, Aug 17, 2017

    Unrelated to the actual article, but I miss the old Boxes and Arrows site that wasn't just the most basic Wordpress template. Does anyone have any insight into why they changed?

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  • Posted to CSS-Tricks Redesign, in reply to Erik Shaw , Jan 09, 2017

    All good points, I mostly agree.

    I rarely spend time on the home page, though, so the typography and layout of the article pages is most important to me. I didn't immediately notice, but I do think the articles feel more cramped (I wonder if the line-heights are actually smaller).

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