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  • Posted to Show DN: Kinopio.club – visual thinking, brainstorming tool , Aug 20, 2020

    Hey DN,

    Kinopio is a visual thinking tool that can be used for things like brainstorming, organizing thoughts, mood-boards, planning, basically for figuring stuff out (by yourself or collaboratively).

    I've been building it for the last year after leaving my job as the co-creator of Glitch (http://pketh.org/hello-kinopio).

    There's no sign up required to use it, let me know what you think, thx!

    – Pirijan

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  • Posted to A simple dropbox-based mood board creator, in reply to Erik Shaw , Nov 02, 2015

    Here's one I quickly made: https://amb-1.com/92300453 . I'd be all over this if my team/company was on dropbox.

    re: security, the whole needing full access is mildly worrying, but I would guess that it's the only (centrally-hosted) way to do this this. You can always revoke access later.

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  • Posted to Anyone using Wake?, Sep 30, 2015

    We use it at FogCreek to keep our small team of 3 designers - who all work on separate projects - passively in the loop with each other. One of my favorite things about Wake is that we can critique early work casually in a lightweight, asynchronous way. So when we do have an actual team design review (about once a week), the process goes smoother and people who are generally quieter face-to-face still feel like they're able to effectively contribute.

    What I hate about Wake is the pricing. I totally disagree that using Wake should be limited to the design team only. I think it's important to designers and the work to enable anyone on the team to peek in and comment, but having to buy full accounts for non-designers gets insane quickly.

    My #1/only feature request is to have comment-only users.

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  • Posted to Introducing the Prototype Sound Pack, in reply to James Morris , Jun 28, 2015

    The pack looks great - now I need to find an excuse/place to use it. Nice job!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Postbox, in reply to Giovanni Hobbins , Jun 23, 2015

    So visual design doesn't matter unless your target demographic is designers? ...

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  • Posted to Whats new in Safari 9.0, Jun 09, 2015

    Use 100% black for all vectors with a transparent background in SVG format:

    <link rel="icon" sizes="any" mask href="website_icon.svg">

    To specify the color the icon should be displayed in, add the theme-color meta element to your webpage:

    <meta name="theme-color" content="red">

    It sounds like pinned tab icons will only support 1 color? Wonder what we should do for sites with multi color logos?

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  • Posted to Thoughts on the Commoditization of Design, Apr 09, 2015

    I think the point that most clients don't need a custom-made website a good one. Design is solving problems - if you have no unique problems (e.g. you're making a standard ecom site) then why would you need bespoke design?

    In a sense, isn't it a good thing for the lowest-common-demoninator of websites to move towards easy-to-make-and-maintain commoditization? Egalitarianism and all that.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Type@Paris, Apr 07, 2015

    Looks great, wish I had 5 weeks!

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  • Posted to Standardizing Job Titles, Apr 07, 2015

    Is it possible that focusing on titles is solving the wrong problem? If I had to hire a designer, particularly in a smaller startup style environment, I wouldn't really care about their job title de jour. Instead I'd focus 100% on their portfolio and personality.

    If you're concerned about the future growth of your employees (and it's awesome that you are), would it be more valuable to focus on how to give them all opportunities to do awesome/interesting work that would be portfolio worthy?

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  • Posted to LayerVault is shutting down, Mar 12, 2015

    The design industry will be that much poorer without you guys - I'd like to think Layervault was partially ahead of it's time and can't wait to see what you do next.

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